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Protect your phone with the #1 Android security app. With millions of users across 170 countries and 400 mobile networks worldwide, Lookout is the world’s leading Android security app. And it’s just as popular with the experts: the Lookout Android security app was selected as a PC World Top Product for 2010 and awarded a rare five star review from CNET in 2011.

The Ultimate Bodyguard: Power and Finesse

Designed specifically for mobile security, Lookout is simple to use and won’t drain your battery. You can download and install the app instantly and secure your phone in no time! Both the Android security app and its secure online dashboard are easy to navigate and understand, so you know that you are protected at all times. Unlike other Droid security apps, the unique Lookout architecture uses minimal power and space, so you have more room for other apps and files – and more power left to use them.

More than just Android Antivirus

Lookout Free for Android protects the personal data on your Android device against all of the latest viruses, malware, and spyware. In addition, it can back up and restore your contacts and even help you find your phone if it is lost or stolen.

The Lookout Premium Android security app includes these essential components and also enables you to remotely lock and erase private data from a missing phone, back up and restore your photos, and clearly see which apps can access your private data.

Ready to Secure Any Android Smartphone.

Lookout Mobile Security supports Droid phones and all other Android phones. Download the Lookout for Android security app and secure your smartphone in just minutes.

Secure your Business

Lookout for Business provides comprehensive security that goes beyond simple passcode enforcement. We help employees stay safe when they browse the web and download apps on their devices. Lookout has taken an innovative, data-first approach to mobile security, creating a cloud-based protection platform powered by the world’s largest mobile data set from our millions of users. We’ve also developed innovative features like Lock Cam and Signal Flare to help employees recover lost or stolen devices and protect their devices from being compromised if they end up in a stranger’s hands. Get started with Lookout for Business.

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