Zero Trust Lab Demo

At Lookout, we deliver a fully unified data-centric cloud security platform. Learn how you can secure your data using the industry’s most advanced cloud security platform.

SAP SuccessFactors: Best Practices To Stay Compliant

Organizations everywhere rely on SAP SuccessFactors and its leading cloud-based human capital management (HCM) platform to recruit, evaluate, and manage employees.

Mobile Security for State and Local Agencies

Lookout Security expert Jose Garcia covers strategies for Mobile Endpoint Security and provides information on mobile security, BYOAD, and the emerging threat landscape.


Security vs. Privacy: Why Can’t You Have It All?

Your workers are more productive with personal mobile devices. Hear how you can regain visibility on mobile devices while still protecting employee privacy.

Gone Phishing? How Hackers Use Mobile Devices As Bait

Learn why mobile devices are a key target for threat actors looking to gain access to your key corporate infrastructure.


The Future of Modern Endpoint Security

Hear from industry thought leaders on what tools your employees will be using, the best ways to keep them productive, and how to provide seamless and continuous security.


Fireside Chat with Jim Routh

Join us for a Fireside Chat with Jim Routh - CISO, MassMutual and Mike Banic - VP of Marketing (CMO), Lookout.

From the Frontlines – Threats for Your Mobile Fleet

Hear first hand from industry leading cybersecurity threat researchers how risks to mobile endpoints are evolving, and how threat actors are targeting mobile cloud services.


New Guidance for Mobile Security

Hear from US federal CISO's on why they're adopting new guidance from NIST on how to best secure mobile users, particularly those working with sensitive government data.

Risky Business – Securing Your Mobile Apps

Join us to learn how Salesforce is partnering with Lookout to provide comprehensive embedded app defense security to protect your employee and customer data.

Securing Your Remote Workforce

How can you provide continuous protection for your corporate data as it is accessed by Office 365/Google Workspace apps on personal devices?

Zero Trust? Don’t Forget Your Mobile Fleet

Does your Zero Trust strategy include mobile devices? If not, it might have a zero chance of being successful. Hear how to deliver continuous authentication for mobile users.

Continuous Conditional Access for Google G-Suite by Lookout

In this vidoe, you will see and hear how Lookout’s Continuous Conditional Access integrates with Google Cloud Identity to protect enterprise data in the real world.


Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security Video

In this short product video, we take you from device enrollment through threat remediation, while showcasing our integration with MDM solutions.

Cybersecurity Tips for the Back-to-School season

David Richardson, VP of Product, provides tips on protecting your kids and their devices, examples of what to look out for, and the likely places school kids can be targeted.

Back-to-School Best Practices for Online and Device Protection

David Richardson, VP of product, provides device and online protection best practices for both parents with kids going back to school and students heading off to college.

What Is Lookout Cloud Access Security Broker?

A cloud access security broker (CASB) offers the same visibility and control you’ve had with a traditional IT architecture, but now in a cloud model.

5 Steps for Stopping Mobile Threats Before Damage Is Done

Learn how agencies can keep their networks safe from opening a back door to malicious actors.

How Does Secure Web Gateway Work

Can a Secure Web Gateway help secure my business’ data and workforce? Secure Web Gateway (SWG) protects web surfing users by filtering malware.

Enabling Zero Trust for Your Mobile Devices

Find out how Zero Trust can protect your organization against a breach of your critical data.

Protect Your Phone From Mobile App Security Risks

Explore key risks to App security and discover tools that can help assess and address those risks.

How Federal Agencies Can Revamp Their Mobile Security

Watch the full interview with Tony D’Angelo and learn more about re-prioritizing mobile device security to establish a more secure network security posture.

Abstract Emu Threat Report

Researchers at the Lookout Threat Lab have identified a new rooting malware distributed on Google Play, Amazon Appstore and the Samsung Galaxy Store.

The “Just Because” of Zero Trust | OptivCon 2021 Interview

Lookout Chief Marketing Officer Mike Banic speaks with Senior Manager of Security Solutions Hank Schless on how Zero Trust has evolved and the current context around it.

Lookout + Microsoft Azure Sentinel – Analytics Rule

Watch how lookout uses a sample analytics rule to allow you to create threat alerts and automatically create security incidents from within Microsoft Azure Sentinel.

Introduction to Lookout CASB

Learn what additional problems Lookout CASB solves for, why it's useful, and preview a handful of use cases in the Lookout CASB Platform that demonstrates the value.

Protecting Sensitive Data in Slack

See how Lookout CASB can protect sensitive data, such as a social security number, in Slack by detecting the data and masking it so that it is not shared in plain text.

Preventing Data Leakage to Personal Channels in Slack

See how Lookout prevents accidental data leakage to personal slack channels. With personal and enterprise channels often side-by-side, its easy to make this type of mistake.

Secure Collaboration and Compliant Sharing in Slack

In this video you will see how Lookout can prevent an external user from being added to a private slack channel that contains sensitive data.

Lookout CASB Protects Your Business

Cloud apps allow us to stay productive from anywhere, but it comes with the risk of your data being exposed. See how Lookout Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) can help.

Lookout + Microsoft Azure Sentinel – Sample Workbook

Learn how to use Lookout workbook template to help you jumpstart your mobile threat analysis.

Lookout + Microsoft Azure Sentinel – Querying Logs

See how you can easily query Lookout mobile threat intelligence by analyzing audit, device, and threat events from within Microsoft Azure Sentinel.

Civilian Cloud Exchange – Industry Perspectives

Over the last year, browser-based attacks have increased as more employees worked remotely.

Lookout Continuous Conditional Access Integrates With CASB and ZTNA

Lookout CCA integrates with its CASB and ZTNA capabilities to help enable a fully effective zero trust model across all of your devices, SaaS and private apps, and users.

Lookout Continuous Conditional Access Integration With CASB & ZTNA

Lookout CCA integrates with its CASB and ZTNA capabilities to help enable a fully effective zero trust model across all of your devices, SaaS and private apps, and users.

Preview Lookout Phishing and Content Protection

See how Lookout Phishing and Content Works and what it looks like to the end user.

Addressing Threats to U.S. Critical Infrastructure

Nextgov editor James Hanson recently sat down with Aaron Cockerill for a virtual conversation shaped by today’s topics of critical infrastructure and cybersecurity threats.

Maintaining Effective Data Protection in a World of Telework

Watch this session on how Lookout can support the goals of top security leaders across federal, state and local agencies and learn cybersecurity trends and strategies.

Cloud Enrollment and Policy Implementation

Overview of the cloud enrollment and policy implementation in the Lookout CASB Platform

Encrypting and Obfuscating Data in Google Workspace

Overview of how sensitive data is obfuscated and encrypted in various use cases for Google Workspace users.

High Level Overview of Lookout CASB

Watch as we walk through the challenges that IT and Security teams face, what requirements there are of CASB solutions, and how Lookout CASB helps solve these challenges.

DLP in Microsoft 365

Overview of data loss prevention for Microsoft 365 users in the Lookout CASB console

Lookout + Google MDM – Full Integration Overview

Demo of how to stand up the Google + Lookout integration from both the Google and Lookout Admin dashboards, and a demo of Context Aware Access in action

Lookout CASB Use Case Overview

Overview of user analytics and activity monitoring in the Lookout CASB console

Lookout + Google MDM – Lookout Enrollment

A short demo of the Lookout enrollment process for an organization that utilizes Google MDM. This demo is from the perspective of the Lookout Admin console

Lookout + Google MDM – Access Policies in Action

A short demo of the access policies in action for a mobile user trying to access Google Workspace before and after malware is detected on their device.

Lookout + Google MDM – Google Admin Setup

A short video on how to enable this integration from the Google Admin Console point of view

Privileged User Activity Monitoring

Overview of privileged user activity monitoring in the Lookout CASB console

Microsoft Teams User Management

Overview of how to manage user access for Microsoft Teams in the Lookout CASB Console

Modernizing Government Cybersecurity With Zero Trust

Learn about the commitment Lookout has made to keeping federal, state and local agencies secure through our platform, providing enhanced coverage from endpoint to cloud.

User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)

This video walks through a handful of common use cases for Lookout CASB within the platform itself.

Sensitive Data Access in Google Workspace

Overview of how sensitive data sharing and restriction policies work in Google Workspace with Lookout CASB.

Threat Guidance for AndroidOS/MalLocker.B

See how Lookout CASB secures cloud resources from malicious activity.

Proactive Strategies for Mobile Security

Securing your agency’s data starts by protecting your mobile endpoints.

Create a Zero Trust Strategy for Your Mobile Workers

To fully protect your organization in this climate, you have to assume that no device is trustworthy until its risk level is verified.

Mobile Apps Define Your Customers’ Experience

As customers use your app, your organization is handling sensitive financial, personal and health information. Learn why you need to embed app security.

Lookout Balances Security With Privacy

Learn how Lookout can secure your devices without needing to inspect content.

Lookout Protects Against Mobile Phishing Threats

Alex Gladd, Principal Product Manager at Lookout discussed why it is important to have visibility into phishing threats and how Lookout Phishing and Content protection can help

Mobile Threats Are Evolving. Is Your Security?

The rise in mobile device use has facilitated an increase in mobile security concerns.

How to Threat Hunt With Mobile EDR

Lookout threat researcher demonstrates threat hunting with Lookout EDR.

A Massive Threat on a Small Screen

We treat our mobile devices as a trusted device.

US Armed Services Goes BYOD

Watch this video to find out how Avid Systems uses Lookout to enable military personnel to securely use their personal devices for work.

Get To Know Lookout

Lookout created the mobile security market, and continues to innovate and lead the market. See who we are, where we operate and why mobile security is critical now.

Mobile Threats: MalApp

Get visibility into the full spectrum of mobile risk to protect intellectual property and increase productivity.

The Growing Threat of Mobile Phishing

In today’s post-perimeter world, critical data has moved to the cloud and employees are able to access it from any network and device, wherever they are in the world.

FNR Interview: Mobile Bans and Use Cases

Mobile phone bans are not the answer. Learn what is.

FNR Interview: Mobile Threats and Policies

See what federal government agencies are up against today and how they’re responding.

Evolution of Mobile Threat Actors With Michael Flossman

Learn how adversaries are using new tactics to target organizations and what Lookout's Mobile Endpoint Security solution can do to help.