July Android Security Bulletin: 108 patches, the most we’ve seen to date

July 7, 2016
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The Android security bulletin for July 2016 has arrived and with it a big increase in security patches — another 108 vulnerabilities patched. This makes a total of 270 vulnerabilities reported via the monthly Android security bulletin for 2016. The vulnerabilities fixed this month ranged from remote code execution to privilege elevation to information disclosures. July’s 108 patches are the most we’ve seen to date. The next closest month was June with only 40. It is very important, as always, that you keep your device up to date with the latest version of Android and also check for malicious applications that may seek to exploit these vulnerabilities.

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The patches

Similarly to previous patchsets, this round of patches includes those to the Android mediaserver code, which is where “Stagefright” and its family of vulnerabilities exist. Additionally, 60 percent of the patches are related to vendor- specific components from Qualcomm, MediaTek, and NVIDIA that affects everything from software that controls Wi-Fi, graphics, sound, camera, power, and displays.

There are some extremely interesting vulnerabilities regarding malicious image files, Bluetooth connections, and some of the Android services. As we continue to see malware authors look for ways to gain privileged and permanent access to your device and its data, many of these vulnerabilities may become part of their arsenal in the ever increasing arms race. You can check what security patch level your device is at by following Google’s instructions. You are only patched against all of these vulnerabilities if your device reports the July 5, 2016 patch level as shown below.

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July 2016 Vulnerability Stats:

108 vulnerabilities:

  • 18.52% are critical
  • 63.89% are high
  • 17.59% are moderate

8.33% are Remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities
73.15% are Elevation of Privilege Vulnerabilities
6.48% are Denial of Service Vulnerabilities
12.04% are Information Disclosures Vulnerabilities
15.74% are related to mediaserver code in Android
60.9% cover vendor specific components e.g., Qualcomm, MediaTek, and NVIDIA

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