Fast and Free Cell Phone Tracker

Track Your Own Personal Phone Free

It’s a feeling of dread that almost all of us have felt at one time or another. The suddenly too-light pocket, the vacant space on the table, the empty purse where you swear you just stowed your cell phone. Where the heck is it? You quickly ask a friend or co-worker to call your number but don’t hear a ring. Now what?

Mobile Phone Tracking That Really Works

The free Lookout app includes a cell phone tracker that instantly pinpoints your missing smartphone or tablet on a familiar Google map. Just log into Lookout from a computer or friend’s mobile phone and see your phone’s exact location within a few feet. You can even watch your mobile device to see if it’s moving and may be in someone else’s possession.

Protect Important Data

From our experience, a cell phone tracker may end up being the most valuable app on your smartphone. Just last year, relieved mobile users used Lookout to find 9 million phones worldwide. People use our cell phone tracker to find a 17 phones every minute, over 25 thousand a day!

Mobile Phone Tracking Made Easy

Once you’ve downloaded Lookout, it’s quick and simple to use the phone tracker online. To find your lost or stolen phone, log into your Lookout account from any smartphone or computer. You don’t need to know anything about GPS locations or security. And if you can’t see your device where it appears on the map, you will be able to hear it! Set off a loud couch-cushion-piercing alarm with a single online click — even if your ringer is turned off.

Can I Track Multiple Devices?

As long as they’re all yours, you can track multiple devices from a single Free Lookout account — even devices on multiple platforms (an Android phone and iPad, for example). Be advised that it’s not legal to track someone else’s property without their permission.

More Than a Phone Tracker App!

In addition to locating a lost or stolen phone, Lookout Mobile Security also provides industry-leading protection from mobile malware and enables you to back up your personal contacts — all for free. Lookout supports both Android and iOS devices. Download Lookout and protect your smartphone and personal data from loss, theft and mobile viruses in just minutes.

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