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Don’t Lose Your Contacts If You Lose Your Phone!

Sometimes phones just get lost. Buying a new phone is hassle enough, but it can be devastating to lose all of the phone numbers and emails that were stored on it. Don’t worry, Lookout has your back(up)!

Free Contacts Backup

The Lookout Mobile Security Free app includes contacts backup; with a few clicks, you can save all of your contacts to Lookout’s secure online storage system. Lookout backs up your contacts over the air, so you can protect your contacts anytime, anywhere – not just when you remember to sync your phone.

Secure, Safe and Sound

You can view your contacts online as soon as they are backed up from your own private, secure account, and quickly restore them to a new or existing phone. Unlike other Android contacts backup apps, you can schedule automatic contact backups to ensure you don’t forget to protect your valuable data as you add it to your smartphone.

Get More Android Backup Protection with Lookout Premium

Lookout Mobile Security Free for Android automatically backs up your Google contacts and also allows you to restore your data to your existing phone. When you upgrade to Lookout Premium for Android, you get a backup app that saves your precious photos and your call history as well as backing up your contacts. Lookout Premium also allows you to transfer your data to a new phone.

Looking for More than Just a Mobile Contacts Backup App? Lookout’s Got Your Back… and Your Antivirus Scanning, and Your Lost Phone Finder

In addition to backing up your cell phone contacts, the free Lookout app also includes industry-leading mobile virus protection as well as the ability to instantly locate your phone on a map if it does go missing. It also helps to know that Lookout’s comprehensive smartphone protection has won many industry awards for its, including PC Mag’s Editor’s Choice and 5 out of 5 stars on CNET.

Download Lookout’s Free App for Contacts Backup and More

Millions of mobile phone users across 170 countries trust Lookout to protect their smartphones and personal data. Whether you are looking for an Android contacts backup app, or over-the-air contacts backup for your iPhone or iPad, Lookout has a free app for you! Download Lookout to protect your smartphone and personal data from loss, theft and mobile viruses in just minutes.