Time to Put an End to Phone Hoarding

What Is Phone Hoarding?

Phone hoarding is the act of holding on to old, unused mobile phones; packing them away in junk drawers and boxes, allowing the old devices to collect dust and devalue. A suspected fairly recent pattern of behavior. Lookout recently found that 60% of people are hoarding at least one old mobile phone and the average mobile phone owner has an estimated $160 worth of unused phones in their household. If each phone was put end to end, there would be a trail of phones spanning from San Francisco to the North Pole.

How Do We Stop Phone Hoarding?

Nearly 52% of people surveyed said they would be willing to give their phone to a charitable cause, while 22% said they would trade it or sell it for money. We discovered that nearly 1 in 3 people just don’t know what do to with their old phone and 13% are concerned about the information on their phone being exposed.

This holiday season, Lookout encourages you to send your phones to Cell Phones for Soldiers, a charitable organization that collects unwanted mobile phones and provides troops abroad with free calling cards so they can connect with their families at home. In addition to donating an unwanted phone, you can opt to recycle it to protect the environment or resell it. The Sprint Buy Back Program takes unwanted phones and credits owners the buyback value, no matter what carrier it’s from. Additionally, several online sites such as Glyde and Gazelle, offer cash in exchange for mobile phones.

Who Is Helping the Cause?

Some of our favorite Bay Area companies are doing their part at their own companies! Many thanks to these companies for donating their phones.