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How to Identify & Protect Sensitive Information in your Organization

How to Identify & Protect Sensitive Information in your Organization

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Wednesday, November 30th | 11:00 GMT / 12:00 CET / 15:00 GST

In the 5th episode of our five-part Security Service Edge (SSE) series, we’ll dive into the fourth Gartner Critical Capability: How to Identify and Protect Sensitive Information in your Organization. In this session, our experts will provide insight into:

  • How SSE enables organizations to detect & control sensitive information across web, cloud, and private applications
  • How your organization can benefit from a single DLP or data protection rule to apply across multiple vectors, access methods & device types
  • Examples of cloud application discovery in order to prevent accidental or intentional loss of data to unapproved SaaS applications; data security; and UEBA to detect unusual behaviors & prevent insider threats

Join our session live or on-demand and find out how a centralized platform can achieve freedom of control for your digital transformation with emphasis on data security.

Michael Simpson
Security Engineer