Never ask ‘does my phone have a virus?’ again

We love all of the new uses we discover for our mobile phones – sending or posting messages, organizing business or recreation, making payments or reservations. Unfortunately just as smartphones have become more sophisticated and mainstream, so too have mobile threats, including viruses, spyware and malware. This malicious software takes many forms: it can snoop into your email, listen in on your calls, track your location, run up premium fees and even steal data that exposes you to identity theft or financial fraud. The threats are complex, but fortunately the solution is simple.

Mobile Viruses Have Nowhere to Hide

The Lookout app includes a mobile virus scanner that locates mobile viruses, spyware and malware anywhere on your smartphone. Easy to use, the Lookout mobile virus remover quickly scans every app on your smartphone and alerts you any time malicious software is found. The Lookout app also recommends simple actions you can take to protect the personal data stored on your phone.

Always on the Lookout – So You Don’t Have to Be

Malicious software can invade your smartphone at any time. The mobile virus scanner from Lookout constantly guards your phone by examining every app you download to ensure that it is safe. To provide an additional layer of protection, the mobile virus remover from Lookout automatically scans your mobile device daily or weekly—at any time of day you request. For no additional cost, Lookout mobile security also contains a suite of features that enable you to back up your contacts and data as well as locate a lost phone.

Ready to Scan Your Smartphone Right Now

The mobile virus scanner from Lookout works on Android, the fastest-growing mobile platform. Download the Lookout app to start running a mobile virus scan in just seconds, and cleanse your smartphone of malware instantly.

Protect Your Business

Lookout for Business provides comprehensive security that goes beyond simple passcode enforcement. We help employees stay safe when they browse the web and download apps on their devices. Lookout has taken an innovative, data-first approach to mobile security, creating a cloud-based protection platform powered by the world’s largest mobile data set from our millions of users. We’ve also developed innovative features like Lock Cam and Signal Flare to help employees recover lost or stolen devices and protect their devices from being compromised if they end up in a stranger’s hands. Get started with Lookout for Business.

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