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Security Service Edge: How to Detect & Mitigate Cyber Threats

Security Service Edge: How to Detect & Mitigate Cyber Threats

October 19th at 11:00am BST | 12:00pm CEST

In addition to the Gartner Magic Quadrant, Gartner released the Critical Capabilities for Security Service Edge (SSE), a comparative analysis that scores products or services against a set of critical differentiators that every business needs. 

In the 3rd episode of our five-part series, we’ll dive into the second Critical Capability - Detect & Mitigate Cyber Threats. In this session, our experts will provide insight into:

  • How SSE provides a central service to detect and prevent threats for any user accessing services from any device
  • Why SSE has an added layer of defense against malware, phishing, account takeovers and other threats
  • How adaptive access control plays a key role to detect when security posture is insufficient, and protects SaaS and private apps from compromise

Find out what a centralized platform can do to secure data at your organization!

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