Practical Guide to Enterprise Mobile Security

“The importance of mobile security has gone from zero to 100. The number of people using their phones at work is increasing the ‘quality’ of the data on mobile devices, data bad guys want to access. It’s skyrocketed over the last couple years, making the value of the device, and the data on that device, critically important to protect.”

Craig Shumard, CISO emeritus
“The Practical Guide to Enterprise Mobile Security”

What you can expect from reading this guide

This guide is the one-stop shop for everything you need to know about mobile security and implementing a mobile security solution in your organization. You’ll learn:

  1. What mobile security is
  2. Why it should be in your top three priorities
  3. Six key capabilities in a mobile security product
  4. How you can make a business case for mobile security
  5. How to buy mobile security
  6. Information on Lookout’s specific mobile security products
  7. Where the future of mobile security is headed

Why you should read it:

“The Practical Guide to Enterprise Mobile Security was created to help IT managers fulfill their dual role of both enabling productivity and reducing risk through the adoption of modern-enterprise mobile security practices. This guide will help answer questions you might have about implementing mobile security, identify the components that make up a holistic enterprise mobile security strategy, point out key considerations that lead to successful deployments, and provide tips on how to successfully drive adoption of that solution in your global workforce.”

Kevin Mahaffey, CTO, Lookout

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