"It is becoming increasingly important that security leaders look at the anti-malware, mobile threat defense solutions market, the products available and how they should be used.*"

Market Guide for Mobile Threat Defense Solutions, John Girard, Dionisio Zumerle, July 2016


Is your enterprise prepared to protect against mobile threats?

The risk to your organization from mobile devices has increased. As a result, Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) solutions are being adopted by enterprises concerned about threats that cannot be countered with traditional mobile management tools, such as EMM. Now is the time that security and mobility leaders need to evaluate MTD solutions to mitigate attacks and address threats to mobile devices, networks and apps.

Read the Gartner Market Guide for Mobile Threat Defense to better understand why:

  • A period of significant change is occurring due to shifting enterprise threats and evolving MTD technology
  • Enterprise adoption of MTD solutions is expected to triple by 2018
  • Mobile policy enforcement won't be a sustainable workaround for mobile security
  • Device behavioral anomalies, vulnerability assessments, network security & app scan are the 4 MTD solution must-haves

Read the market guide now to learn about the changing face of the mobile threat defense solutions landscape.

Gartner Market Guide

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