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Proactively protect your devices and digital information from threats, automatically keep devices and apps up-to-date with the latest security protection, and scan downloads for anything suspicious—all in one easy to use app.

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Each day our personal data is exposed to more and more risk.

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The number of bad apps it takes to remotely turn on your mic, listen in on your calls, read your texts, and even steal your passwords.
million +
We protect 200 million devices and 120 million apps with powerful AI that gets smarter and more effective with each new customer.

We all need security. Yes, even you.

The number of sophisticated threats to your privacy from stolen devices, outdated software, or malware continues to grow each day.

Our online identities are increasingly at risk.

People usually don’t realize how much of their personal information can be accessed without their knowledge or consent by downloading malware.

Built-in security just isn’t enough anymore.

Simple out-of-the box security often isn't enough. To combat today's evolving threats you need next-level, continuously active security.

Mobile devices have changed how we live, and the data they collect means they know more about us than some of our closest friends. It can be incredibly costly if that data is ever mishandled or leaked.

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Data breaches have compromised billions of personal records.

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Your digital information moves without boundaries or limits. Get security that moves with it.

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Start your protection today with Lookout Life.

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