September 5, 2016
News Release

Buurtzorg Nederland Selects Lookout To Protect Its Fleet of 8,000 iOS Devices

Global home health care organization uses Lookout Mobile endpoint security to enable secure mobile productivity in the field

Haarlem, Netherlands - September 05, 2016 - Lookout, the global leader in securing mobility, today announced that Buurtzorg Nederland, a Dutch home health care organization renowned for its use of self-governing teams of nurses to deliver high-quality care, has chosen to work with Lookout to solve its mobile security challenges and as a result, seen significant risk reduction in just the first 30 days.

Buurtzorg home care nurses spend the vast majority of their time traveling to visit patients, leveraging a fleet of iPads to access sensitive patient information through Buurtzorg's own app. Buurtzorg required a solution to protect their iOS device fleet from network and app-based threats that delivered a simple user experience.

"Blacklisting apps is very difficult and time consuming, while whitelisting apps limits employee choice and may rule out apps that could help patients," said Jos de Blok, CEO and co-founder of Buurtzorg Nederland. "Lookout enables us to set a mobility policy that allows our nurse teams to freely use Internet connections and apps that improve the care experience, with the peace of mind that any threats will be detected and quickly remediated."

"Buurtzorg needed to enable a large, remote workforce to freely connect to available Wi-Fi at client sites while mitigating the risk of data leakage from a man-in-the-middle attack," said Jeffrey Scholten, IT advisor at Ecare TCS, Buurtzorg's trusted managed services provider. "With the Lookout enterprise mobile security solution in place to detect threats, Buurtzorg is now able to set a mobility policy that allows its nurse teams to freely use internet connections and apps to deliver high-quality care efficiently, while gaining full visibility into threats among their iPad fleet."

Buurtzorg has seen significant reduction of mobile risk since it deployed Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security. The technology detected a notable number of man-in-the-middle attacks and several high-risk sideloaded apps on Buurtzorg-devices within the first 30 days of deployment. With 100 percent mobile threat remediation, completed by non-technical end-users, Buurtzorg has reduced their mobile risk, and enabled their productive nurse teams to reach even higher levels of efficiency.

"At Lookout we strongly believe mobility should empower employees, not restrict them," said Gert-Jan Schenk, vice president of EMEA at Lookout. "It is important for an organization to have visibility into and protection against mobile threats so employees can be productive no matter where they are working from."

Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security allows large enterprises to embrace mobility in the workplace while protecting company data, securing against malicious attacks, and maintaining compliance with security policies through effective risk management. Lookout's cloud-based technology is fueled by a global network of more than 100 million sensors and tens of thousands of apps that are added daily. With this dataset of virtually all the mobile code in the world and the predictive machine intelligence to analyze and make sense of the data, Lookout predicts and stops security threats before they do harm.

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