June 21, 2016
News Release

Lookout Expands Mobile Threat Protection With Introduction of Network Layer Security

Lookout expands mobile threat protection with introduction of network layer security man-in-the-middle protection brings large enterprises peace of mind as their workforce connects on the go

SAN FRANCISCO, June 21, 2016 – Lookout, the global leader in securing mobility, today expanded Mobile Threat Protection with the introduction of Network Protection, an automatic on-device analysis of network connections to defend against man-in-the-middle attacks and ensure information is being securely transmitted. Unlike mobile threat solutions that overload admins with irrelevant network alerts, Lookout’s approach focuses on the risks that are the most relevant to enterprises, namely attempts to intercept, and decrypt data in transit. This minimizes false positives, enabling users to stay connected and productive on the go, while providing admins with tools to remediate network-based threats immediately. Network Protection is the latest security layer within Lookout Mobile Threat Protection, representing Lookout’s continued commitment to delivering superior mobile security to large enterprises.

In recent years, enterprises have shifted towards a mobile-first, cloud-first workplace, granting employees permission to work beyond the traditional enterprise perimeter. According to a recent Forrester report (1), "The digital worker requires access to sensitive data at all times of the day and week from any location or device. A full 52 percent of global information workers have access to customer data (e.g., names, contact information, or credit card data) regardless of whether or not they need to use it for work. Securing this access is the only way to improve engagement without risking customer trust."

“The vast majority of IT security leaders do not want to restrict employees’ ability to be productive however and whenever they can,” said Aaron Cockerill, VP of Products at Lookout. “But corporate data transmitted outside the enterprise perimeter can pose a significant risk. As network attacks increase in sophistication and prevalence, enterprises need to have visibility into and protection against these threats while encouraging employee productivity on the go.”

Lookout’s Network Protection automatically detects when a device connects to a new network (WiFi, Cellular, VPN, Tethered) and immediately runs a series of health checks on that new network to ensure that it is behaving properly. Examples of checks performed include determining that the Root Certificate Authority used to issue the SSL certificates for HTTPS sites accessed match expected values, and that the cipher suites and TLS versions used are strong. If a new network connection is deemed unsafe, Lookout will alert the employee, IT admin and the MDM within seconds to ensure corporate data is protected and steps are taken immediately to remediate the threat.

This year, Lookout has already quadrupled its enterprise customer base, protecting some of the world's largest financial services, insurance, legal, consulting and entertainment firms, as well as government agencies. The launch of Network Protection comes on the heels of Lookout’s recently announced partnership with Microsoft to integrate Lookout Mobile Threat Protection with Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS).

Network Protection is available as part of Lookout Mobile Threat Protection, sold through Lookout’s Channel Partner Program, consisting of over 58 global value added resellers and distributors.

To watch a man-in-the-middle attack in action, view Lookout’s blog. To learn more about Lookout Mobile Threat Protection, visit www.Lookout.com.

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