12 Cash App Scams to Know and How to Avoid Them

Cash App makes it easy to receive and send money and is renowned for its convenience. These transactions are generally safe, but users could still be susceptible to scams

Lookout Study Identifies an Ongoing Consumer Scam Surge

To shed light on the world of digital scams, Lookout commissioned a survey that spoke to 1,000 U.S. consumers to understand where people encounter scams.


Is My Phone Hacked? Here's How You Can Tell and What to Do

Phones are lucrative targets of attacks because they hold so much valuable information stored in a single place, such as private or financial information.

Lookout Acquires SaferPass to Address the Rising Threat of Identity Theft

With the rise in identity theft and threats that seek to compromise corporate applications and emails, passwords offer a critical line of defense.

Data Privacy Week and Steps to Stay Ahead of Risks

While digital devices and services offer great convenience, they also pose risks to our data and privacy as the separation between our offline and online lives converges.

5 Threats That Can Impact Your Personal Data in 2022 | Lookout

2022 will usher in greater risks to our digital security, privacy and finances, as we live more of our lives online, but consumers can take action to protect themselves.

Lookout Unearths Android Crypto Mining Scams

Security researchers at the Lookout Threat Lab have identified over 170 Android apps, including 26 on Google Play, scamming people interested in cryptocurrencies.

Why We Need More Women in Cybersecurity

As a member of the Lookout threat intelligence team, I’m often asked: “how do I break into the cybersecurity and IT industry?” I discuss this and more with Victoria Mosby.

Ensure Everyday is Data Privacy Day

The main theme I want to get across here is that data privacy is essential, especially as we continue to rely on our mobile devices for personal and...

Back to School? Secure Your Chromebooks!

Chromebooks have become an essential tool for schools that transitioned to distance learning in the spring. These devices are a cost-effective alternative for students.

Work Is No Longer Tethered to the Office. Neither Should Security.

While work no longer revolves around an office space, security still does for many organizations. it’s time for us to fundamentally rethink how we secure our organizations.

Lookout and AT&T Delivering Advanced Security

AT&T has announced new security features for customers who subscribe to its Unlimited Elite and Extra plans, as well as its Unlimited Business Performance and Elite plans

Clipboard Snooping Isn’t Just an iOS Issue

Regardless of the operating system on your mobile device, if you’re copy-and-pasting sensitive personal or corporate information, it could be extracted without your knowledge.

Phone Spear Phishing Ruffles Feathers at Twitter

Your employees’ phones and tablets have as much access to your data as a laptop or desktop does because they need to stay productive.

Personal Privacy and the TikTok Brouhaha

Large employers such as Wells Fargo have banned TikTok from company-owned devices, but that alone won’t prevent tablets and smartphones used for work to be free of TikTok.

New Threat - Commercial Surveillanceware Operators Exploit COVID-19

Are cybercriminals and scammer's taking advantage of increased communication around COVID-19? Discovery shows new surveillanceware exploits the pandemic.

Inside Look Into Phishing Campaign Targeting Mobile Banking

Lookout Phishing AI discovered a phishing campaign targeting customers via SMS messaging to lure them to fake websites of well-known Canadian and American banks.

Commercial Spyware Has a New Name: Stalkerware

Stories like Pegasus and Dark Caracal’s Pallas are memorable because they tell a story of severe privacy threat with profound impact on victims’ lives.

Phishing Sites Distributing IOS & Android Surveillanceware

Lookout researchers have been tracking Android and iOS surveillanceware, that can exfiltrate contacts, recordings, photos, & more. Discover what was found.

What is Lookout Phishing AI?

Lookout Phishing AI detects the early signals of phishing, protects end users from visiting such sites as they come up, and alerts the targeted organizations.

Mobile Banking Continues to be Primary Target for Trojan Attacks

Lookout continues to see advanced trojans targeting mobile banking users resulting in customer data compromise and fraudulent transactions.

mAPT ViperRAT Found in Google Play

Lookout researchers discovered samples belonging to the ViperRAT malware family, a known mobile advanced persistent threat (mAPT), in the Google Play Store.

New Surveillanceware in Google Play Targeting Middle East

Lookout researchers have identified a new, highly targeted surveillanceware family known as Desert Scorpion in the Google Play Store.


Understanding the Real Value of Machine Learning in Mobile Security

When done correctly, ML helps organizations defend against new, novel, and increasingly sophisticated mobile threats.

Fake Bitcoin Wallet Apps | Lookout Threat Intelligence

Lookout has identified three apps disguised as bitcoin wallet apps, previously in the Google Play Store, that trick victims into sending payments to bitcoin addresses.


Machine Learning in Cybersecurity: Cutting Through the Hype

Here’s a little insight into the fundamentals of ML to help you separate empty claims and buzzwords from real value creation when evaluating cybersecurity solutions.

Igexin Advertising Network Put User Privacy at Risk

The Lookout Security Intelligence team has discovered an advertising software development kit (SDK) called Igexin that had the capability of spying on victims.

SonicSpy: Over a Thousand Spyware Apps Discovered

Lookout researchers have identified over a thousand spyware apps related to a threat actor likely based in Iraq. Discover more with Lookout today.


DEFCON Preview: Security Research on the Apple Watch

Sometimes security research sheds light on the incredible amount of patience and creativity needed to better understand the inner workings of today’s latest technologies.

Pegasus for Android: The Other Side of the Story Emerges

Lookout and Google are releasing research into the Android version of one of the most sophisticated and targeted mobile attacks we’ve seen in the wild: Pegasus.

Mobile Safari Scareware Campaign Thwarted

Apple released an update to iOS (10.3) changing how Mobile Safari handles JavaScript pop-ups after Lookout discovered scammers using the functionality to execute scareware.

Trident Vulnerabilities: All the Technical Details in One Place

Today, Lookout released the technical details behind “Trident,” a series of iOS vulnerabilities that allow attackers to jailbreak a user’s device and install spyware.

Four Spyware Apps Removed from Google Play

Through close collaboration with an enterprise customer, Lookout identified Overseer, a piece of spyware we found in four apps live on the Google Play store.

Encryption and VPNs Alone Do Not Protect You From Pegasus/Trident

Encryption and VPNs are excellent tools that protect sensitive data in most situations. But, given the extreme sophistication of the Pegasus attack these tools won’t work.

Pegasus and Trident: Your Questions Answered

Pegasus is a highly sophisticated piece of spyware that uses three previously unknown vulnerabilities called “Trident.” This is the most sophisticated mobile attack seen.

Sophisticated Mobile Attack Against High-Value Targets on iOS

Citizen Lab and Lookout have uncovered a threat using three critical iOS zero-day vulnerabilities that form an attack chain that subverts even Apple’s security environment.

Linux Flaw Allows Anyone to Hijack Internet Traffic | Android Devices

Lookout has discovered that an exploit in TCP also impacts nearly 80% of Android, or around 1.4 billion devices, based on an install base reported by Statista.

Pokemon Go: New Tampered Apps & What You Can Do

Pokemon Go, is arguably the biggest mobile game in US history, but while fame breeds fans — even employees in the enterprise — it also attracts many opportunistic attackers.

A Spike in Shedun, Also Known as HummingBad

Shedun is trojanized adware that roots Android devices, masquerading as legitimate apps such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Okta’s enterprise single sign-on app.

What a Real Life Risky App Looks Like: A Warning From the DoD

In late May 2016, the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) released an advisory about an Android app called “CAC Scan,” which was found publicly available on Google Play.

Using Spoofed Wi-Fi to Attack Mobile Devices

Millions of people around the world connect to public Wi-Fi networks on their mobile devices as they travel. The problem is that not all networks are official.

How We Were Able to Spy on a 60 Minutes Reporter

We demonstrated an example of what can happen if a malicious app infects a mobile device on 60 Minutes.

Can a Phone Be Hacked? Watch Lookout on 60 Minutes

60 Minutes featured Lookout co-founder John Hering and a number of other well-known and respected security researchers demonstrating mobile attacks.

Your Phone Will Become More Important Than Your Password

Phones present new, exciting ways for companies to protect their accounts. However, this also means the phone is becoming a critical part of the hacker “kill chain.”

4 New Threats to Banking Apps That Show App Hardening's Importance

Four recently uncovered threats targeting banking apps shine new light on why all apps that handle sensitive data need to be secured from the inside out.

Brain Test Re-Emerges: 13 Apps Found in Google Play

With the help of the Lookout Security Cloud, we confirmed our suspicions that the author(s) behind the Brain Test malware had slipped additional malicious apps to Google Play.

Trojanized Solitaire App Slips Into Google Play Store

What solitaire app in Google Play’s gaming category is actually a version of the malware family FruitSMS? See what has been done at Lookout.com today.

Trojanized Adware Family Abuses Accessibility Service

In addition to rooting a victim’s device, Lookout observed Shedun abusing the Android Accessibility Service for its malicious means.

InstaAgent: What It Is and What You Can Do About It

Recently, news broke about a concerning app called InstaAgent. The app connects to the victim’s Instagram account and steals the user’s login credentials.

New Trojanized Adware Found - 20K Popular Apps Caught

See why auto-rooting adware is a worrying development in the Android ecosystem. Discover more information in mobile security with Lookout today.

Risky vs. Malicious Apps: How They're Different

There’s a challenge enterprises face when securing mobile devices: some apps that are legitimate and useful in a personal context may introduce a major risk for an enterprise.

XcodeGhost iOS Malware: Affected Apps and What You Should Do

Researchers recently found a piece of iOS malware called XcodeGhost in a number of apps in the Apple App Store. XcodeGhost is a piece of malware that can steal data

Hacking a Tesla Model S: What We Found and What We Learned

Vehicles are becoming computers on wheels with today's ever-changing auto tech. See why the auto industry must consider cybersecurity more than ever before.

Stagefright New Android Vulnerability | Threat Intelligence

Update: We have released a detector app to help you know whether your device is affected. Learn more here. What is Stagefright?

Jailbreaking Not a Requirement for Infection iPhones

This week, the security world exploded with the news that Hacking Team, a vendor of Italian spyware was hacked.

13 More Pieces of Adware Slip Into the Google Play Store

Lookout has found 13 instances, or apps, with adware in Google Play, some of which pretend to be Facebook and have malware-like characteristics.

Cloned Banking App Stealing Usernames Sneaks Into Google Play

This week, Lookout became aware of a cloned banking app in the Google Play store, stealing users’ credentials, but curiously, not their passwords.

How Do Celebrities Get Hacked?

Celebrities. They’re just like us! They’re susceptible to the same mobile threats as normal people are, like phishing and malware. Learn how celebrities get hacked.

Five Critical Security Tips

Protect yourself and your private data from malware, spyware and malicious apps by downloading a security app like Lookout Mobile Security.

Phone Theft in America: What Happens When Your Phone Gets Grabbed

Unfortunately, 3.1 million Americans experience phone thefts in the last year. Lookout decided it was time to get a clearer...

Does My Android Phone Have a Virus?

Is there really such a thing as an Android virus? Discover what malware on your phone is, where you may have gotten it, and what can be done today.

BadLepricon: Bitcoin Gets the Mobile Malware Treatment in Google Play

Your phone is running low on battery and it seems to be working harder than usual. Would you ever suspect that it was secretly mining Bitcoin for someone you don’t know?

MouaBad: When Your Phone Comes Pre-Loaded With Malware

MouaBad is a surreptitious little malware with a number of variants that authors are flashing onto phones’ headed to consumers firmware.

CoinKrypt: How Criminals Use Your Phone to Mine Digital Currency

Criminals are turning phones into digital currency-mining bots. What is CoinKrypt, and what are the mobile threats you should be looking out for?

Bitcoin Malware: Beware the Digital Pickpockets

Bitcoin is a global phenomenon that's driving a 21st century gold rush. Discover the landscape in digital scams & threats against the new coin with Lookout.

Quick Guide: Fun With Phone Security Settings for Your Android

Who doesn't love blocking threats like Dendroid on their mobile device? Here's a quick guide in Android security settings from Lookout.

ShrewdCKSpy: Mobile Spyware With A Hidden Agenda

ShrewdCKSpy records victims’ SMS messages and phone calls and then exfiltrate them to remote third party servers and email accounts.

Dendroid Malware Taking Over Camera, Record Audio

Remote access trojans that let criminals spy on you are a nasty issue, but when you find one in the Google Play store, it sounds off some alarms.

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Cybersecurity Tips for the Back-to-School season

David Richardson, VP of Product, provides tips on protecting your kids and their devices, examples of what to look out for, and the likely places school kids can be targeted.

Back-to-School Best Practices for Online and Device Protection

David Richardson, VP of product, provides device and online protection best practices for both parents with kids going back to school and students heading off to college.