Office 365 and Azure Exploited in Massive U.S Government Hack

According to SolarWinds filings with the SEC, the involved attackers were able to compromise the company’s Microsoft Office 365 emails with forged SAML tokens.

Lookout Helps Leading Fintech Company Improve Data Security with CASB

See how Lookout helped a leading FinTech provider protect customer data and reach security compliance with CASB and DLP.

Don’t Leave it to Your Apps: Security Needs is a Shared Responsibility

Whether you’re building your footprint on-premises, on the cloud or on a hybrid architecture, security needs to be a converged effort.


Lookout Helps a Large Construction Firm Protect Intellectual Property

One of the largest commercial and civil contractors in the United States moved to the cloud to help unlock operational efficiencies.


Lookout Helps a Large Oil Company Migrate to Cloud-Based Software

Lookout helped to implement granular access control for sensitive HR data, achieve compliance, and prevent malware from being uploaded to their infrastructure.


Gain Visibility Into SaaS Apps To Secure Data

Before even thinking about reducing risks and complying with regulations, you need timely and actionable intelligence about how your SaaS apps are being used.


Cloud Transformation: Leveraging Existing IT Investments

Lookout helped this large university health system augment their legacy DLP tool by extending their reach to the cloud so they can remain compliant.

Safeguarding Your Financial Institution’s Cloud Environment

The MAS/TCRS/2021/03 advisory breaks down how Singaporean financial institutions should manage cyber risks & strengthen cyber resilience. Learn more today.

Lookout CASB Named Major Player in 2021

IDC MarketScape validates Lookout for its Zero Trust solution that spans CASB, Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and endpoint security.


3 Ways to Secure SAP SuccessFactors and Stay Compliant

The wide range of sensitive employee data within SuccessFactors creates additional security and compliance challenges.


Not All CASBs Are Created Equal. How Do You Choose?

But how do you choose the right CASB? This is an especially important purchase in this work-from-anywhere environment. Your employees are...

Four Best Practices for Securing Microsoft 365 Against Risks

Let's tackle security gaps across Office 365 and other connected clouds that are typically missed by traditional cloud security and data protection controls.


The Cloud, the Breach, and the Increased Role of CSPM

Cloud adoption has reached stratospheric levels causing increased volume of workloads & applications usage. Enter Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM).

Gartner 2020 CASB Magic Quadrant - Visionary Performance

We’re extremely pleased to note that the Lookout CASB platform has successfully captured the title of “Visionary” from industry analysts Gartner.

Securing the Multi-Cloud Environment through CSPM and SSPM

With the growing cloud popularity and adoption, organizations migrating their business-critical applications to the cloud are overlooking a simple cloud security question.

SAP SuccessFactors: Best Practices To Stay Compliant

Organizations everywhere rely on SAP SuccessFactors and its leading cloud-based human capital management (HCM) platform to recruit, evaluate, and manage employees.

CASB Buyer’s Guide

CASBs deliver cloud-specific security capabilities that traditional perimeter-focused products can’t. IT leaders need to understand what they are getting with a CASB product.

Prevent Data Leakage From Productivity Tools

Hank Schless, Senior Manager of Security Solutions at Lookout, will be joined by guest speakers to help you navigate integrated endpoints to cloud security.

Secure BYOD for Office 365

To balance personal and business use, firms need mobile security strategies that support productivity, safeguard data, and address employee resistance to corporate oversight.

Secure Data and Access for Remote Collaboration

The unprecedented shift to remote working environments has challenged organizations to adopt cloud-based collaboration tools to maintain business continuity.

KuppingerCole Report: Market Compass

See why KuppingerCole Market Compass positioned Lookout CASB as the most advanced and all-encompassing CASB solutions on the market.

IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Mobile Threat Management Security Software 2018

Learn why KuppingerCole Market Compass positioned Lookout CASB as the most advanced and all-encompassing CASB solution on the market.

What Is Lookout Cloud Access Security Broker?

A cloud access security broker (CASB) offers the same visibility and control you’ve had with a traditional IT architecture, but now in a cloud model.

Introduction to Lookout CASB

Learn what additional problems Lookout CASB solves for, why it's useful, and preview a handful of use cases in the Lookout CASB Platform that demonstrates the value.

Protecting Sensitive Data in Slack

See how Lookout CASB can protect sensitive data, such as a social security number, in Slack by detecting the data and masking it so that it is not shared in plain text.

Preventing Data Leakage to Personal Channels in Slack

See how Lookout prevents accidental data leakage to personal slack channels. With personal and enterprise channels often side-by-side, its easy to make this type of mistake.

Secure Collaboration and Compliant Sharing in Slack

In this video you will see how Lookout can prevent an external user from being added to a private slack channel that contains sensitive data.

Lookout CASB Protects Your Business

Cloud apps allow us to stay productive from anywhere, but it comes with the risk of your data being exposed. See how Lookout Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) can help.

Protect Personal Data and Privacy in SAP SuccessFactors

Learn how you can get detailed visibility into your entire security infrastructure, along with data protection, cyberthreat detection and compliance management.

How CASB Can Help You With CCPA Compliance

Considered as one of the strictest data privacy laws, CCPA will affect all enterprises that do any amount of business in the State of California. Discover how to implement.

Securing Data Collaboration in Office 365 for Remote Workers

This whitepaper provides a clear view of emerging information security challenges for organizations that have adopted Office 365 as part of their remote collaboration strategy

Securing Office 365 for Financial Services Practioners

Understand how Lookout's integrated CASB and data protection approach directly addresses Office 365 email, collaboration, and infrastructure security requirements.

Why Do Companies Need a CASB?

Lookout CASB protects your users as they access the cloud on any device, both managed and unmanaged. Learn why your organization needs CASB.

Total Protection for ServiceNow

Lookout CASB+ for ServiceNOW provides unparalleled protection for your users and data, giving you complete control over user access, their activities and data access.

CISOs Guide for Securing the Remote Workforce

This white paper will share the key organization pain points to maintain data security and compliance in remote work environments, and the top CASB use cases to address them

Slack Cloud Solution Brief

Learn how Lookout CASB for Slack provides deep visibility into the application, along with real-time data protection and threat prevention for secure collaboration and sharing

Cloud Enrollment and Policy Implementation

Overview of the cloud enrollment and policy implementation in the Lookout CASB Platform

Encrypting and Obfuscating Data in Google Workspace

Overview of how sensitive data is obfuscated and encrypted in various use cases for Google Workspace users.

High Level Overview of Lookout CASB

Watch as we walk through the challenges that IT and Security teams face, what requirements there are of CASB solutions, and how Lookout CASB helps solve these challenges.

DLP in Microsoft 365

Overview of data loss prevention for Microsoft 365 users in the Lookout CASB console

Lookout CASB Use Case Overview

Overview of user analytics and activity monitoring in the Lookout CASB console

Privileged User Activity Monitoring

Overview of privileged user activity monitoring in the Lookout CASB console

Microsoft Teams User Management

Overview of how to manage user access for Microsoft Teams in the Lookout CASB Console

User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)

This video walks through a handful of common use cases for Lookout CASB within the platform itself.

Sensitive Data Access in Google Workspace

Overview of how sensitive data sharing and restriction policies work in Google Workspace with Lookout CASB.

Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

Learn how implementing CASB technologies can protect your organizations data from known and unknown threats without violating privacy.

Lookout and Microsoft Secure BYOD for Office 365

To balance personal and business use, firms need mobile security strategies that support productivity, safeguard data, and address employee resistance to corporate oversight.