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Productivity is now everywhere

Cloud apps have empowered us to stay productive from anywhere. It no longer matters where we’re at or what device we use – we now have easy access to the data we need for work.

But all this is happening outside your control as your employees use devices and networks you don’t manage. Productivity may have skyrocketed, but so has the risk your data is exposed to.

Aerial of people working in lobby

Cloud activities expose your data to new risks

Collaboration in the cloud means your data is going wherever it’s needed. It’s handled by a complex web of cloud apps for various purposes. It’s also transmitted over unsupervised networks to both managed and unmanaged devices and accessed by not just your employees, but also contractors and partners.

But you no longer have the visibility and control you had within your perimeter. You can’t spot suspicious activity without understanding how your users behave. You also risk exposing your intellectual property or violating regulations if you don’t know who is accessing your data and how it’s being handled.

Securing your apps and data from endpoint to cloud

To get the most of your countless cloud apps without risking your data, you need to know exactly what’s going on. You also need to be able to detect and respond to threats and have the ability to dynamically control access. Lookout Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) provides full visibility into the interactions between users, endpoints, cloud apps and your data. It also enables you to dynamically dial in Zero Trust access controls.

With continuous monitoring of user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA), you can detect and respond to insider threats and advanced cyberattacks. We provide advanced data loss prevention that can classify, encrypt and restrict sharing of your data on the fly so that only authorized users have access. We also perform automated assessment of all your cloud apps and infrastructure to ensure they are properly configured.

Advanced capabilities for CASB

Advanced Data Loss Prevention

Lookout Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is key for identifying and protecting sensitive data. We enable you to apply policies to identify and classify data across all sanctioned cloud applications.

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Security Posture Management

Lookout Cloud and SaaS Security Posture Management (CSPM and SSPM) automatically detect and respond to misconfigurations and enforce security guardrails to prevent account compromise.

Integrations with major cloud apps

SAP SuccessFactors Logo

Leverage SAP SuccessFactors to its fullest potential

Lookout CASB is uniquely built to handle SAP SuccessFactors. We are the only CASB integration with SAP and have our product listed on the SAP store.

Secure your SuccessFactors today

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Secure Microsoft 365 and collaborate with confidence

Lookout CASB secures your email, collaboration apps and infrastructure with a dashboard purpose built for Microsoft 365. With this deep understanding, we enable you to implement Zero Trust.

Secure your Microsoft 365 today

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Collaborate on Slack without compromising your data

Slack is one of the biggest catalysts for productivity. By knowing what’s happening with your users and data, the Lookout CASB empowers your employees without sacrificing security.

Secure your Slack today

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Integrated endpoint + SASE solution

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Lookout now delivers integrated security from endpoint to cloud

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