Protect Your Customers’ Data From Compromise

Embedded AppDefense for mobile apps

Mobile apps define your customer experience

Mobile apps are integral to our everyday activities. As we continue to increase our usage of tablets and smartphones, apps have become the primary way we manage our personal and professional livelihood. A business can suffer if they don’t offer an easy-to-use app for their customers.

As customers use your app to bank, shop or interact with healthcare providers, your organization is handling sensitive financial, personal and health information. App users simply expect that you have integrated security into the experience. As a result, you need to ensure your security and development teams strike the balance of securing the mobile experience without hindering it.

Apps require active security to protect customer data

With pressure to ensure your customers have the best mobile experience, developers are often tasked to quickly bring innovative app updates to market. Since security and development teams have traditionally operated separately, it is difficult to ensure that each new version of your app is secure.

Moreover, there are severe limitations to how traditional malware detection solutions secure mobile apps. Threat protection relies on security telemetry from third-party databases and can only detect threats based on signatures and hashes. As a result, weeks-long protection gaps can leave your customer’s exposed to real-time threats.

Continuous security for your applications

Lightweight, realtime security for your apps

Lookout Embedded AppDefense provides advanced detection of all types of mobile threats. With just a few lines of code, the Lookout SDK is able to check the health of your customer’s device in real-time. We ensure that only healthy devices have access to your app and their financial, personal and health data. When a device is not secure, we provide you with the information needed to perform remediation workflows.We have optimized Embedded AppDefense for the mobile environment, combining the best of cloud and on-device protection. This means our SDK has a near-zero impact on device performance and battery life compared to methods that protect solely on device-based analysis.

Multi-layered defense against app tampering with Promon

Lookout partners with Promon to ensure that you have a holistic mobile app protection solution. Promon Shield enables both static and runtime protection, protecting your app from tampering or being reverse engineered. This includes protecting your app and your customers from fake keyboards, keyloggers, screen overlays, and app repackaging.

Lookout stopped more than 3 million mobile threats in the last 12 months

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