Lookout located $2.5 billion worth of phones in 2011.
Imagine if everyone had to buy a new phone…
That’s a lot of money.

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During Christmas, $11 million worth of phones were lost. With that much money you could buy… a lot of presents. That would be nice. During New Year’s, $14 million worth of phones were lost around the world. For that price, you could be the life of the party with 100 thousand bottles of Dom Perignon! Each day $7 million worth of phones are lost around the globe. Party-goers in Cologne lost 30% more phones celebrating Carnival than during a normal week.
In Paris, 72% more phones were lost during Carnival.
Three times as many phones were lost in Dublin on February 27th, 2011.
The day of the Six Nations Rugby tournament (Ireland vs. Scotland)
Hold on to Your Phone when you visit Niagara Falls.
4 phones a day took off looking for a barrel.

Total value of located phones
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Data collected during calendar year 2011

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US Cities With the Highest Total Value of Located Phones

  1. Atlanta $50.6M
  2. Fort Worth $48.5M
  3. Philadelphia $48M
  4. Long Beach $47.7M
  5. Oakland $45.8M
  6. Los Angeles $42.2M
  7. Chicago $40M
  8. Houston $39M
  9. New York $35M
  10. Tampa $33M