12 Cash App Scams to Know and How to Avoid Them

Cash App makes it easy to receive and send money and is renowned for its convenience. These transactions are generally safe, but users could still be susceptible to scams

Lookout Study Identifies an Ongoing Consumer Scam Surge

To shed light on the world of digital scams, Lookout commissioned a survey that spoke to 1,000 U.S. consumers to understand where people encounter scams.


5 Threats That Can Impact Your Personal Data in 2022 | Lookout

2022 will usher in greater risks to our digital security, privacy and finances, as we live more of our lives online, but consumers can take action to protect themselves.

Lookout Unearths Android Crypto Mining Scams

Security researchers at the Lookout Threat Lab have identified over 170 Android apps, including 26 on Google Play, scamming people interested in cryptocurrencies.


Lookout and NTT DOCOMO Partner to Deliver Identity Security

DOCOMO has selected Lookout to power the Dark Web Monitoring capabilities of DOCOMO’s Anshin Security Platform across both iOS and Android devices.

Mobile Banking Continues to be Primary Target for Trojan Attacks

Lookout continues to see advanced trojans targeting mobile banking users resulting in customer data compromise and fraudulent transactions.


Fake Bitcoin Wallet Apps | Lookout Threat Intelligence

Lookout has identified three apps disguised as bitcoin wallet apps, previously in the Google Play Store, that trick victims into sending payments to bitcoin addresses.

4 New Threats to Banking Apps That Show App Hardening's Importance

Four recently uncovered threats targeting banking apps shine new light on why all apps that handle sensitive data need to be secured from the inside out.

Cloned Banking App Stealing Usernames Sneaks Into Google Play

This week, Lookout became aware of a cloned banking app in the Google Play store, stealing users’ credentials, but curiously, not their passwords.


Phone Theft in America: What Happens When Your Phone Gets Grabbed

Unfortunately, 3.1 million Americans experience phone thefts in the last year. Lookout decided it was time to get a clearer...


BadLepricon: Bitcoin Gets the Mobile Malware Treatment in Google Play

Your phone is running low on battery and it seems to be working harder than usual. Would you ever suspect that it was secretly mining Bitcoin for someone you don’t know?


CoinKrypt: How Criminals Use Your Phone to Mine Digital Currency

Criminals are turning phones into digital currency-mining bots. What is CoinKrypt, and what are the mobile threats you should be looking out for?


Bitcoin Malware: Beware the Digital Pickpockets

Bitcoin is a global phenomenon that's driving a 21st century gold rush. Discover the landscape in digital scams & threats against the new coin with Lookout.

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