Lookout Study Identifies an Ongoing Consumer Scam Surge

To shed light on the world of digital scams, Lookout commissioned a survey that spoke to 1,000 U.S. consumers to understand where people encounter scams.

The Olympics and Burner Phones: What About the Safety of That QR Code?

While QR codes make navigating activities at the Games easy and contactless, it creates opportunities for them to be abused for phishing purposes.


Data Privacy Week and Steps to Stay Ahead of Risks

While digital devices and services offer great convenience, they also pose risks to our data and privacy as the separation between our offline and online lives converges.


Ensure Everyday is Data Privacy Day

The main theme I want to get across here is that data privacy is essential, especially as we continue to rely on our mobile devices for personal and...


Personal Privacy and the TikTok Brouhaha

Large employers such as Wells Fargo have banned TikTok from company-owned devices, but that alone won’t prevent tablets and smartphones used for work to be free of TikTok.

New Threat - Commercial Surveillanceware Operators Exploit COVID-19

Are cybercriminals and scammer's taking advantage of increased communication around COVID-19? Discovery shows new surveillanceware exploits the pandemic.

Phishing Sites Distributing IOS & Android Surveillanceware

Lookout researchers have been tracking Android and iOS surveillanceware, that can exfiltrate contacts, recordings, photos, & more. Discover what was found.


Igexin Advertising Network Put User Privacy at Risk

The Lookout Security Intelligence team has discovered an advertising software development kit (SDK) called Igexin that had the capability of spying on victims.


SonicSpy: Over a Thousand Spyware Apps Discovered

Lookout researchers have identified over a thousand spyware apps related to a threat actor likely based in Iraq. Discover more with Lookout today.

Mobile Safari Scareware Campaign Thwarted

Apple released an update to iOS (10.3) changing how Mobile Safari handles JavaScript pop-ups after Lookout discovered scammers using the functionality to execute scareware.


Encryption and VPNs Alone Do Not Protect You From Pegasus/Trident

Encryption and VPNs are excellent tools that protect sensitive data in most situations. But, given the extreme sophistication of the Pegasus attack these tools won’t work.


Using Spoofed Wi-Fi to Attack Mobile Devices

Millions of people around the world connect to public Wi-Fi networks on their mobile devices as they travel. The problem is that not all networks are official.


How We Were Able to Spy on a 60 Minutes Reporter

We demonstrated an example of what can happen if a malicious app infects a mobile device on 60 Minutes.


How Do Celebrities Get Hacked?

Celebrities. They’re just like us! They’re susceptible to the same mobile threats as normal people are, like phishing and malware. Learn how celebrities get hacked.


Dendroid Malware Taking Over Camera, Record Audio

Remote access trojans that let criminals spy on you are a nasty issue, but when you find one in the Google Play store, it sounds off some alarms.

Achieving Zero Trust at State and Local Level

Learn the Top 5 Core Components of a Zero Trust Strategy in this Whitepaper

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