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Productivity now requires flexibility

We work differently now. With a tablet or smartphone in hand, we stay productive as well as manage our personal life. This is why our employees now expect the freedom to use their personal devices for work. Especially as remote work continues to be the norm, they want the flexibility to work the way they feel the most comfortable.

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The freedom to work anywhere comes with risks

While having a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) program empowers your workers to stay productive, it also creates a security gap. Personal devices are typically unmanaged because the employee doesn’t want their organization monitoring their private device. In addition, these devices operate outside your office network security.

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You need to secure your unmanaged devices

To fully tap into the potential of BYOD, you need to be able to secure unmanaged devices. Only when you can secure unmanaged devices equally as well as managed devices, you will avoid exposing your organization to unknown risks and prevent a security gap.

Lookout secures your unmanaged devices by integrating seamlessly with cloud productivity suites. We provide real-time health information to the access controls of these suites to ensure there’s no exposure to unnecessary risks of data loss.

How can Lookout help you?

Productivity Apps Integration: secure your data without management

One of the most common ways your employees access corporate data is with cloud productivity suites. Lookout protects your organization by relaying a real-time risk score of unmanaged devices to your productivity suite.

Lookout ensures your data is protected by automatically restricting access when the risk profile of a mobile device increases. We monitor the risk profile of mobile devices around the clock around the world so you can rest easy. This works whether you’re working or not.

Integration with Microsoft

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Integration with Google Cloud

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Anti-phishing: protecting you from the number one start of a data breach

There are very few examples of cybercriminal tactics that are more adaptable or have a greater impact than phishing attacks. Lookout phishing and content protection stops both known and unknown phishing threats. We combine reputation lists of known phishing sites with our Phishing AI engine that continuously scans the Internet for new phishing websites.

We compare every web request from your mobile device with this combined data. This comparison is made for all the network interfaces of your mobile device - Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular. The result is 360-degree protection from known and unknown phishing attacks.

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Enabling U.S. Armed Service productivity while maintaining privacy

Avid Customer Testimonial


Avid Systems and BYOAD

Bring-your-own-approved-device is the latest frontier for this U.S. Armed Service. Watch this video to find out how Avid Systems uses Lookout to enable military personnel to securely use their personal devices for work.

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