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Hybrid workforce requires flexibility

Your workforce is now both remote and in the office and they are increasingly using personal laptops and mobile devices. To stay productive, employees want anytime, anywhere access to the data they need for work. Productivity and collaboration is now shaped by the cloud apps people use, rather than the location or device type.

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The freedom to work anywhere comes with risks

While having a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) program empowers your workers to stay productive, it also creates a security gap. Personal devices are typically unmanaged because the employee doesn’t want their organization monitoring their private device. In addition, these devices operate outside your office network security.

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You need to secure your unmanaged devices

To fully tap into the potential of BYOD, you need to be able to secure business data on unmanaged devices. Only with visibility into the use of your data on unmanaged devices will you avoid exposing your organization to unknown risks and close a security gap.

Lookout secures your unmanaged devices by integrating seamlessly with cloud productivity suites and popular enterprise apps. We enable secure access to your cloud apps and infrastructure to ensure there’s no exposure to unnecessary risk of data loss.

Key solutions to empower secure productivity from any device

Protect email and app data in Microsoft 365

Secure your data in Microsoft 365 apps and email have become the backbone of many organizations’ productivity. We give you real-time visibility into what’s going on within the productivity suites, monitoring for malware and enforcing data security policies.

Secure Microsoft 365 with Lookout

Gain visibility into data shared in Google Workspace

Lookout provides deep visibility into Google Workspace, such as the type of data it holds and how your users behave. We enable your employees to have seamless access while ensuring that your data is not leaked or stolen.

Lookout and Google enable Zero Trust

Define the data your BYOD users access

Lookout gives you visibility and control to define access to specific types of data across any cloud app. We can classify and protect sensitive data across your entire organization so you can implement granular access policies and secure your data.

Secure my data with DLP

Protect employee and organizational data

Lookout monitors the movement of your organization’s data across cloud and on premises apps, regardless of where your employees are working or the device they use. We can protect your corporate data without invading your users’ privacy.

Secure cloud apps with Lookout CASB

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