12 Cash App Scams to Know and How to Avoid Them

Cash App makes it easy to receive and send money and is renowned for its convenience. These transactions are generally safe, but users could still be susceptible to scams

Organizations Are Banning TikTok. Should You Do the Same?

The popular social media app TikTok has come up time and time again when discussing data privacy concerns. Now, state governments are banning it from government-owned devices.

Lookout Study Identifies an Ongoing Consumer Scam Surge

To shed light on the world of digital scams, Lookout commissioned a survey that spoke to 1,000 U.S. consumers to understand where people encounter scams.


Is My Phone Hacked? Here's How You Can Tell and What to Do

Phones are lucrative targets of attacks because they hold so much valuable information stored in a single place, such as private or financial information.

BYOD and Phishing Attacks: Top Threats Facing US Government

Lookout recently released our 2022 US Government Threat Report and we've picked out the main takeaways about the top threats currently facing U.S. government organizations.

Beyond BEC: How Modern Phishing Has Evolved Past Email

Business email compromise (BEC) is big business for malicious actors. According to the 2021 FBI Internet Crime Report, BEC was responsible for $2.4 billion in cyber crimes.


Why You Need a Data-Driven Approach to Vulnerability Management

Keeping your devices secure by ensuring apps and operating systems are up to date can unfortunately be extremely complicated and error-prone with traditional tools.


Five Password Management Best Practices to Keep You Safe

If you keep in mind these best practices, you’ll have a much better chance of keeping your passwords — and your data — secure.

How to Protect Against SMS Phishing and Other Similar Attacks

Whenever a breach occurs, we always need to think about the lessons that can be learned. Here are my tips for keeping your organization safe from mobile phishing attacks.

Lookout Contributes to 2022 Verizon MSI With Security Insights

This year’s MSI is especially interesting, as it dives deeper into the interconnectivity that now exists between endpoint devices and cloud applications.

What Is Lockdown Mode for iOS and iPadOS and Why Should I Care?

We welcome the introduction of Lockdown Mode by Apple as an additional feature. However, we need to keep in mind that the mobile attack surface is quite complex.

Lookout Powers VMware Workspace ONE Mobile Threat Defense (MTD)

Lookout and VMware recently announced the debut of Workspace ONE Mobile Threat Defense (MTD), a mobile security solution incorporating Lookout mobile protection technologies.

Lookout Acquires SaferPass to Address the Rising Threat of Identity Theft

With the rise in identity theft and threats that seek to compromise corporate applications and emails, passwords offer a critical line of defense.

How to Protect Yourself from NSO's Pegasus Spyware

Even five years after Lookout and Citizen Lab discovered it, advanced mobile spyware Pegasus remains highly relevant.

When it Comes to Tax Season, There is No Safe Haven From Phishing

Tax-related phishing attacks have become so pervasive that the IRS issued an annual advisory as a warning to businesses and consumers.


Cybersecurity at the Tactical Level: The Importance of StateRAMP

Rather than tackle new security gaps in isolation, state and local governments need the resources and expertise of the federal government and the private sector.

The Olympics and Burner Phones: What About the Safety of That QR Code?

While QR codes make navigating activities at the Games easy and contactless, it creates opportunities for them to be abused for phishing purposes.

Data Privacy Week and Steps to Stay Ahead of Risks

While digital devices and services offer great convenience, they also pose risks to our data and privacy as the separation between our offline and online lives converges.

5 Threats That Can Impact Your Personal Data in 2022 | Lookout

2022 will usher in greater risks to our digital security, privacy and finances, as we live more of our lives online, but consumers can take action to protect themselves.

Energy Industry Faced with 161% Surge in Mobile Phishing

To help the energy industry react to evolving cyber threats, Lookout today published the 2021 Lookout Energy Industry Threat Report.

Lookout and U.S. Govt. on New Vision for Zero Trust

We're excited that we have been selected by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to collaborate on its Zero Trust architecture development efforts.

Mobile Cyber Threat Telemetry Dataset to MSFT Azure

Lookout has extended its partnership with Microsoft to ensure our threat telemetry data is easily accessible via the Microsoft Azure Sentinel SIEM Solution.


Mobile App SDKs: The Nesting Dolls of Hidden Risk

With the number of devices being used for work everyday — especially as more employees bring their own devices — it’s impossible for security and IT...

Four Steps to Modernizing Government Cybersecurity | Zero Trust

It is vital for agencies to understand the steps they can take right now to implement Zero Trust to safeguard against modern cyber attacks and comply with new regulations.

Lookout and NTT DOCOMO Partner to Deliver Identity Security

DOCOMO has selected Lookout to power the Dark Web Monitoring capabilities of DOCOMO’s Anshin Security Platform across both iOS and Android devices.

Expanded Partnership with Google Cloud | Zero Trust Security

Today, I’m excited to announce Lookout has entered into an expanded partnership with Google Cloud to deliver endpoint-to-cloud security to organizations around the world.


Lookout and Jamf: Defending Against Mobile Threats

I’m pleased to share that Jamf and Lookout have formed a partnership to integrate Jamf Pro with Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security.


Critical Mobile Security Capabilities Everyone Needs

While away from the office, your workers are using their mobile devices to stay productive. So how do you secure your data in this new reality?

Financial Sector Phishing Attacks Increase 125%

To better understand how the financial industry reacted to this digital shift, I took a deep dive into the millions of device and threat data in the Lookout Security Graph.

Lookout Named Best Mobile Security Solution by the SC Awards

I’m pleased to share that Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security has achieved yet another leadership milestone by being named SC Awards’ Best Mobile Security Solution of 2021.

Telkomsel Partnership to Deliver Mobile Device/App Security

We're excited that Telkomsel has partnered with Lookout to launch Telkomsel Mobile Endpoint Protection (MEP) and Telkomsel Mobile App Protection (MAP).

Top Three Threats Facing US Government Employees Amid Telework

All levels of government are increasingly exposed to credential-harvesting mobile attacks as well as risks from adware and outdated operating systems.

Mobile Security Best Practices for Law Firms

Proper training will go a long way to reduce the risk to which your firm is exposed, as will having effective security in place.


Be The Master of Your Encryption Keys

Lookout Cloud Key Security users can encrypt their sensitive data with encryption keys that are specific to their organization. Discover more online today.


Three Key Takeaways From Our ‘Security in Motion’ Summit

As the leader in mobile security, we hosted a summit to help professionals around the world unpack the challenges related to today's mobile reality.


Pharma on the Hook: Cyberattackers Phishing for Your Secret Formulas

We found that 77 percent of mobile phishing attempts on pharmaceutical organizations through the third quarter of 2020 intended on delivering malware.

The Federal Office Has a New Look: Here’s How to Keep it Secure

To fully secure a telework environment, agencies need to tackle two objectives – mobile threat awareness and a comprehensive mobile endpoint security strategy.

Lookout and Verizon Committed to Protecting Small Businesses

Verizon recently announced the launch of Business Mobile Secure, a full security solution designed specifically for small and medium business customers.


Cybersecurity Is Not Complete Without EDR for Mobile

Businesses are increasingly turning to mobility solutions to increase productivity. You need mobile EDR to provide visibility across all of your mobile endpoints.

Mobile EDR for Security Professionals by Security Professionals

Lookout has announced the introduction of threat hunting & research into the Lookout Security Platform. See how this changes the threat discovery landscape.

Google & Lookout Partner to Deliver Zero Trust for Mobile Devices

Together, Lookout Continuous Conditional Access and Google Cloud Identity protect your Google Workspaces from malicious threats.

Is Your Mobile Device Secure? The Democratic Process Could Depend on It.

Discover why the role and importance of mobile devices in our democratic process will continue to increase into the future. Learn more today with Lookout.

Shadow IT Shaken With a Mobile Twist

In the strictest sense, most of us are operating a shadow IT operation. As we continue to work from home, each of us is using networks that our IT teams have no control over.

Back to School? Secure Your Chromebooks!

Chromebooks have become an essential tool for schools that transitioned to distance learning in the spring. These devices are a cost-effective alternative for students.


Lookout Named a Mobile Threat Mgmt Software Leader 3 Years in a Row

The IDC MarketScape for Mobile Threat Management Software just named Lookout a leader for the third consecutive year.

Work Is No Longer Tethered to the Office. Neither Should Security.

While work no longer revolves around an office space, security still does for many organizations. it’s time for us to fundamentally rethink how we secure our organizations.

Lookout and AT&T Delivering Advanced Security

AT&T has announced new security features for customers who subscribe to its Unlimited Elite and Extra plans, as well as its Unlimited Business Performance and Elite plans

FBI Cries Foul on Rise in “Vishing” Volume

On August 20, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) issued a warning about the rise in vishing attacks.

Clipboard Snooping Isn’t Just an iOS Issue

Regardless of the operating system on your mobile device, if you’re copy-and-pasting sensitive personal or corporate information, it could be extracted without your knowledge.


Q&A: Michael Kaiser on State of Election Campaign Security

According to Tech for Campaigns, 90% of presidential campaigns’ 2018 digital campaign ad spend was delivered to mobile devices.

Phone Spear Phishing Ruffles Feathers at Twitter

Your employees’ phones and tablets have as much access to your data as a laptop or desktop does because they need to stay productive.


Why Should Defense Contractors Care About CMMC?

With CMMC, contractors will have to be certified by a third party ahead of doing work with the DoD. This is a significant departure from the previous procedure.

Personal Privacy and the TikTok Brouhaha

Large employers such as Wells Fargo have banned TikTok from company-owned devices, but that alone won’t prevent tablets and smartphones used for work to be free of TikTok.

Vulnerability Management is Complicated Without a Data-Driven Approach

One of the most important actions you can take to keep your smartphones and tablets secure is to make sure their apps and operating systems are up to date.

Got MDM? Here Are Five Reasons Why You Still Need Mobile Security

MDM is a valuable component of an organization’s mobile strategy. But you also need mobile security to make sure your sensitive data is protected.

The Increasing Need for Mobile Security Among U.S. Federal Agencies

Employees are accessing sensitive data through their personal smartphones and tablets while they’re outside the protective perimeter of the office.

Mobile Phishing Is Spiking Around the World

Here at Lookout, we often work with organizations on their cybersecurity needs depending on geographical or industry sector priorities.

Mobile Phishing Encounters Surged by 37% Amid Shift To Work-From-Home

Mobile Phishing Spotlight Report - Lookout revealed that enterprise mobile phishing encounter rates surged 37% between the last quarter of 2019 and the first quarter of 2020.

The Mobile Risks Beyond Business Email Compromise

BEC is a phishing attack. With the rise of smartphones and tablets, malicious messages can be delivered in a number of other ways. Learn more today.

Achieving Unified Endpoint Security: Lookout and VMware Carbon Black

With this UES solution, security teams can use a centralized dashboard to monitor the security of all endpoints accessing resources – both mobile and fixed endpoints.

NIST Updates Its Mobile Security Guidelines: What’s Changed Since 2013

Since the NIST first released its enterprise mobile device security guidelines Special Publication (SP) 800-124 in 2013, the work environment has gone through massive changes.

The Next Normal Is Emerging

As we look past the current shelter-in-place measures, a “new normal” is expected to emerge where more of us work remotely most of the time or even all the time.

Lookout Achieves FedRAMP Authorization to Operate with JAB P-ATO

Lookout is now the only mobile endpoint security solution to achieve one of the most comprehensive risk assessments of a cloud service offering (CSO).


Be Wary of App Security Risks in the Era of Social Distancing

For businesses rushing to stand up new mobile apps, or to integrate digital payments into existing apps, it's important to realize the risk they present to their organization.

How to Embrace Mobility in Response to a Remote Workforce

Because of Coronavirus, organizations may want to rush into adopting a BYOD program so that employees can work more effectively from home. But what about the new risks?

How to Pragmatically Embrace Mobility in Response to a Remote Workforce

The Coronavirus has impacted businesses and employees in a myriad of ways, and one common thread is the sudden need for employees to work remotely.


Strandhogg Vulnerability | Android OS Safeguards

Promon, a Lookout partner, reported on Strandhogg, a vulnerability in the Android OS that allows for one app to display an Activity in the UI context of another app.

Lookout Partners With Google To Protect Users From App Risk

With this partnership, Lookout can stop malicious apps before they become a threat by scanning apps submitted to the Google Play Store before they are available for download.

Continuous Conditional Access for Office 365

In a well-attended session at Microsoft ignite yesterday, Brad Anderson, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Corp, demoed Lookout Continuous Conditional Access for Office 365.

Protecting Government Agencies From Phishing Attacks

Lookout Phishing & Content Protection is designed to keep the public sector secure from phishing attacks in a mobile-first world. Learn more today.

Protecting the Financial Services Industry From Phishing Attacks

Lookout Phishing and Content Protection is designed to keep financial services secure from phishing attacks in the mobile-first, cloud-first and perimeter-less world.

Protecting Customers From Data Compromise | Lookout App Defense

Lookout App Defense provides enterprises with proactive mobile app security by preventing data compromise of customer-facing mobile apps.

Protecting the Healthcare Industry From Phishing Attacks

Lookout Phishing & Content Protection is designed to keep healthcare organizations secure from phishing attacks in a mobile-first world. Learn more today.

5 Steps in the Mobile Phishing Kill Chain

In order for enterprises to protect their users and corporate data from modern phishing attacks, they must first understand how mobile phishing attacks work.

The Government IT Problem: Your Security Perimeter Has Disappeared

Government work has changed. Critical data needed for employees to work has moved to the cloud and needs to be accessible from any device, wherever employees are.

Understanding Phishing Threats in a Post-Perimeter World

Industry experts, enterprise and government security decision-makers discuss how to secure both the private and public sector from phishing threats.

Schneider Electric Secures 50k Devices with Lookout MES

By selecting Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security, Schneider Electric gained immediate visibility into the mobile security and risk posture of its mobile users.

Lookout & VMWare Partner to Tackle Mobile Threats

Lookout has completed its integration with the VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence platform, providing organizations with a consolidated view of their digital environment.


Q&A: An Update on FISMA Mobility Metrics for Federal Agency Leaders

Victoria Mosby, Federal Sales Engineer for Lookout, shares insights and talks about what needs to be done to strengthen the government’s overall mobile security posture.


Work Without Walls: The Price of Productivity in a Post-Perimeter World

Industry leaders from Lookout, Google, VMware, Techtarget and Gizmodo discuss how enterprises can protect sensitive data in the cloud.

Lookout and Buguroo Partner To Combat Fraud and Customer Data Compromise

New strategic partnership provides a cloud-based, deep learning approach to mitigate cyber threats and fraud on mobile apps and online channels in real-time

PSD2 Compliance: Mobile App Security for Your Payment Apps

The security requirements mandated by the Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) directive create the need for stronger authentication and secure payment transactions.

Mobile Phishing Protection: How To Defend Against HTTPS Phishing Attacks

With Lookout deployed, enterprises have comprehensive mobile phishing protection, ensuring that their corporate data is secure in today’s mobile-first world.

Helping Higher Education Tackle Today’s Cybersecurity Challenges

The perimeter has fully disappeared, and thankfully there are solutions that allow higher education institutions to safely and securely leverage innovation.


What is Lookout Continuous Conditional Access?

To create trust for devices in a post-perimeter world, Lookout Continuous Conditional Access works behind the scenes, dynamically monitoring the health of the endpoint.

Phishing AI Discovers New Mobile-First Phishing Campaign

Lookout Phishing AI reports a new, sophisticated phishing kit designed for mobile users targeting Verizon customers.

What is Lookout Phishing AI?

Lookout Phishing AI detects the early signals of phishing, protects end users from visiting such sites as they come up, and alerts the targeted organizations.

Mobile Banking Continues to be Primary Target for Trojan Attacks

Lookout continues to see advanced trojans targeting mobile banking users resulting in customer data compromise and fraudulent transactions.

Texts and Their Impact on Election Campaign Security

Lookout recognized that mobile devices could influence the elections, so that is why we held a special briefing on Capitol Hill in early October.

2018 Gartner Market Guide for Mobile Threat Defense

Gartner Market Guide for Mobile Threat Defense has a message: “Security and risk management leaders should leverage MTD to address evolving mobile security needs."


Lookout Brings Mobile Security to SentinelOne Customers

Together with Lookout, SentinelOne will now be able to offer organizations a way to secure mobile endpoints as thoroughly as they protect traditional endpoints.


Mobile Threat Defense: A Super-Guide for Buyers

Here are our top three considerations and resources we feel will guide you when evaluating mobile threat defense/mobile threat management vendors.

Verizon & Lookout Bring Mobile Endpoint Security to Business Customers

Lookout and Verizon are teaming to help more enterprises and SMBs secure mobile communications (or data) across personal and corporate owned devices.

Mobile Phishing: The Biggest Unsolved Problem in Cybersecurity

Mobile phishing brings together new channels for phishing employees and reduced screen size, causing one of the biggest problems businesses have faced in cybersecurity yet.


Forrester’s Now Tech Mobile Security Report: The 2018 Vendor Landscape

To achieve comprehensive security, enterprises must choose solutions that complement their existing security ecosystem. Forester’s new Now Tech report reinforces this fact.


Lookout Joins MaaS360 on IBM Security App Exchange

Lookout is excited to announce that Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security is now available on the IBM Security App Exchange.


Mobile Threat Defense: The Drawbacks of “On-Device” MTD Solutions

Understanding each vendor’s technology approach and philosophy behind these solutions and the real implications on cybersecurity effectiveness.

The mAPT Has Arrived

Mobile has emerged as a key component of the Advanced Persistent Threat arsenal and is the ideal weapon for cyber espionage.


Why Your GDPR Compliance Strategy Must Include Mobile

When considering compliance, enterprises must put mobile devices on even footing with desktops. This is especially true when the GDPR takes effect.


Lookout Is ISO 27001, FedRAMP, and Privacy Shield Certified

When government agencies and multinational companies choose a security solution it's critical that they are able to trust those solutions to handle data securely.

Don’t Leave Behind Cybersecurity in Your Digital Transformation

To ensure your data is secure, your cybersecurity needs to go through its own digital transformation. Here are the steps you need to take.

4 Steps to Reduce Ransomware in a Cloud First World

Today, nearly 8% of all data breaches involve ransomware, with an average cost of $4.62 million (USD).Organizations need to protect their most valuable asset: data.

Ransomware Attack Myths and How To Mitigate Risk

Learn how can protect your data from being held hostage from Microsoft Chief Security Advisor, Sarah Armstrong-Smith and Lookout Chief Strategy Officer, Aaron Cockerill.

As Organizations Evolve, So Does Ransomware

As your organization continues to support remote work and execute cloud transformation initiatives, ransomware continues to find ways to compromise your systems.

Address Today’s OMB Cybersecurity Directive

Educate government agencies on how to meet the requirements of each OMB directive and mitigate risk while allowing critical initiatives such as remote work.

Protect Enterprise Data in the Cloud From Ransomware

Ransomware is not a new threat, but attackers' tactics to access your infrastructures and steal resources have evolved. The scale of attacks has increased because of this.

Ransomware: A Cloudy Forecast

Ransomware is not a new threat, but attackers' tactics to access your infrastructures and steal resources have evolved.

Cyber Measures Gain Momentum at Federal Agencies

This study examines responses from government IT executives, decision-makers and contractors on their progress developing strategies required by the executive order.

Securing Healthcare Against Ransomware Post-COVID-19

The rapid move to the cloud has provided healthcare organizations the ability to continue services during the global pandemic but has also brought about new attack vectors.

Protecting Data and Achieving Compliance in Hybrid Cloud Environments

As healthcare organizations move to supporting remote work for clinical and business staff, they’ll need to find ways to reduce cybersecurity risks.

On the Frontlines: Zero Trust Architecture in Government

Lookout was featured in the Zero Trust in Government Guide, published by Trezza Media Group in 2021 On the Frontlines Magazine. Learn more today.

Understanding Mobile App Risks

As organizations embrace smartphones and tablets in the workplace as a primary way for their workers to access data. But with greater flexibility comes greater risks.

The Sleeping Giant is Waking Up: the State of Mobile Security Today ft. Cile Montgomery/VMware

In this episode, host Hank Schless is joined by Cile Montgomery, Product Line Marketing Manager at VMware, to discuss the new risks mobile devices present to organizations.

Soap Suds: The Return of SharkBot

SharkBot, a notorious banking trojan, has just resurfaced since it was first spotted in October 2021. In this newest variation, the malware targets banking credentials.

The Twilio Breach and Phishing: Lessons Learned

Twilio, Cloudflare and other organizations reported employees were targeted with a phishing campaign leveraging a kit codenamed 0ktapus.

Cybersecurity Tips for the Back-to-School season

David Richardson, VP of Product, provides tips on protecting your kids and their devices, examples of what to look out for, and the likely places school kids can be targeted.

Back-to-School Best Practices for Online and Device Protection

David Richardson, VP of product, provides device and online protection best practices for both parents with kids going back to school and students heading off to college.

Spyware in the Enterprise

The Lookout Threat Intel team's recent discovery of Hermit, a mobile surveillanceware tool, shows how mobile surveillanceware could adversely affect enterprise organizations

5 Steps for Stopping Mobile Threats Before Damage Is Done

Learn how agencies can keep their networks safe from opening a back door to malicious actors.

Enabling Zero Trust for Your Mobile Devices

Find out how Zero Trust can protect your organization against a breach of your critical data.

Protect Your Phone From Mobile App Security Risks

Explore key risks to App security and discover tools that can help assess and address those risks.

How Federal Agencies Can Revamp Their Mobile Security

Watch the full interview with Tony D’Angelo and learn more about re-prioritizing mobile device security to establish a more secure network security posture.

Better Preparing the Workforce for Cybersecurity Threats

Phishing attacks are becoming an increasingly common avenue for threat actors to deploy malware and ransomware.

Pulse + Lookout Survey Ransomware Infographic

Pulse surveyed over 300 decision-makers to learn: how many have experienced ransomware, and what the outcomes were.

The “Just Because” of Zero Trust | OptivCon 2021 Interview

Lookout Chief Marketing Officer Mike Banic speaks with Senior Manager of Security Solutions Hank Schless on how Zero Trust has evolved and the current context around it.

Lookout + Microsoft Azure Sentinel – Analytics Rule

Watch how lookout uses a sample analytics rule to allow you to create threat alerts and automatically create security incidents from within Microsoft Azure Sentinel.

Airbus Deploys Lookout to >100,000 Global Workforce

Learn why Airbus selected Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security to protect its global fleet of >100,000 iOS and Android devices.

Lookout + Microsoft Azure Sentinel – Sample Workbook

Learn how to use Lookout workbook template to help you jumpstart your mobile threat analysis.

Lookout + Microsoft Azure Sentinel – Querying Logs

See how you can easily query Lookout mobile threat intelligence by analyzing audit, device, and threat events from within Microsoft Azure Sentinel.

Lookout Security Platform Bundles Brochure

Because they now sit at the intersection of your work and personal lives, mobile devices are with you from the moment you wake up to when you go to sleep.

Civilian Cloud Exchange – Industry Perspectives

Over the last year, browser-based attacks have increased as more employees worked remotely.

How Federal Agencies Balance Security and Mobility

A guide for agencies to address the cybersecurity executive order. Learn how top federal agencies manage secure telework with mobile security.

Preview Lookout Phishing and Content Protection

See how Lookout Phishing and Content Works and what it looks like to the end user.

Addressing Threats to U.S. Critical Infrastructure

Nextgov editor James Hanson recently sat down with Aaron Cockerill for a virtual conversation shaped by today’s topics of critical infrastructure and cybersecurity threats.

Why Cybersecurity Needs To Live in the Cloud

Hank Schless and Lookout head of sales engineering for International, Tom Davison, discuss the differences between on-premise security and cloud-delivered solutions.

Maintaining Effective Data Protection in a World of Telework

Watch this session on how Lookout can support the goals of top security leaders across federal, state and local agencies and learn cybersecurity trends and strategies.

Lookout + Google MDM – Full Integration Overview

Demo of how to stand up the Google + Lookout integration from both the Google and Lookout Admin dashboards, and a demo of Context Aware Access in action

Lookout + Google MDM – Lookout Enrollment

A short demo of the Lookout enrollment process for an organization that utilizes Google MDM. This demo is from the perspective of the Lookout Admin console

Lookout + Google MDM – Access Policies in Action

A short demo of the access policies in action for a mobile user trying to access Google Workspace before and after malware is detected on their device.

Lookout + Google MDM – Google Admin Setup

A short video on how to enable this integration from the Google Admin Console point of view

Modernizing Government Cybersecurity With Zero Trust

Learn about the commitment Lookout has made to keeping federal, state and local agencies secure through our platform, providing enhanced coverage from endpoint to cloud.

Bristows Case Study

In order to secure corporate and client mobile data, Bristows chose Lookout because it gives them the confidence that its mobile endpoints are protected.

Threat Guidance for AndroidOS/MalLocker.B

See how Lookout CASB secures cloud resources from malicious activity.

Healthcare Security in the Age of 5G and Remote Work

On this week’s Endpoint Enigma, Mike Murray, CEO of Scope Security discusses what healthcare looks like in the age of 5G and our work-from-anywhere world.

Proactive Strategies for Mobile Security

Securing your agency’s data starts by protecting your mobile endpoints.

Kiersten Todt on Securing the Public Sector

In this episode, we’re joined by Kiersten Todt, Executive Director of the Presidential Commission on Enhancing National Security to discuss top cybersecurity challenges

Taylor Vinters Case Study

Taylor Vinters is an international law firm supporting the businesses which drive the innovation economy, and the entrepreneurs and private wealth that underpin them.

Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security

Security on mobile devices is often overlooked, creating a gap in your security architecture. Don't overlook the most used endpoint.

Mobile Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) Brochure

Learn how Lookout mobile EDR can detect threats, contain incidents, and provide remediation guidance.

Modern Endpoint Protection

Traditional endpoint protection does not protect all of your endpoints, learn how Lookout protects against app, device, and network threats.

Cybercriminals Want Your Organization’s Login Credentials

Read why government agencies need protection against endpoint threats.cDownload the infographic now to get the stats

Women Making Waves in Cybersecurity

This episode, Lookout threat researcher Kristina Balaam, our guest host, discusses the importance of diversity in cybersecurity with federal sales engineer Victoria Mosby.

Create a Zero Trust Strategy for Your Mobile Workers

To fully protect your organization in this climate, you have to assume that no device is trustworthy until its risk level is verified.

New Year, New Challenges?

Join host Hank Schless, threat researcher Kristina Balaam and Christoph Hebeisen, head of the Lookout Threat Research team, to find out what’s going on with privacy.

The Supply Chain Reaction: Lessons from SolarWinds

In this episode, Tim LeMaster, Director of Systems Engineering at Lookout, discusses SolarWinds and how a Zero Trust security model can safeguard your infrastructure.

Your App Is Your Business

Embed security into the apps your patients and staff use to protect your practice.

Threat Hunt With the Right Red Thread

Alex Gladd, Principal Product Manager joins us to talk about why you can’t stop breaches without including mobile devices as part of your threat hunting efforts.

The Supply Chain Reaction

Alex Gladd, Principal Product Manager joins us to talk about why you can’t stop breaches without including mobile devices as part of your threat hunting efforts.

Lookout and VMware: Continuous Conditional Access

Seamless and secure access to data regardless of where you store your data.

Securely Enable Your Employees

Learn how Continuous Conditional Access can secure your organization regardless of where your employees choose to work.

How We Empower Your Attorneys to Securely Telecommute

Lookout protects your legal practice against mobile and phishing attacks.

Lookout Balances Security With Privacy

Learn how Lookout can secure your devices without needing to inspect content.

Dont’t Let Ransomware Paralyze Your Organization

Ransomware attacks have spiked amidst the shift to hybrid work. Find out what you should know and what to do.

Don’t Let Mobile Devices Tip the Scales

To better secure your firm, understand the threats mobile devices introduce.

How We Protect Law Firms From Phishing

Lookout phishing secures your attorneys from phishing without violating their privacy.

Lookout Protects Against Mobile Phishing Threats

Alex Gladd, Principal Product Manager at Lookout discussed why it is important to have visibility into phishing threats and how Lookout Phishing and Content protection can help

Cybercriminals Want Secret Pharma Recipes

Learn how to mitigate risks of a data breach across your supply chain.

How We Protect Teams for Medical Professionals

Lookout helps medical professionals comply with HIPAA through secure mobile collaboration.

Mobile Threats Are Evolving. Is Your Security?

The rise in mobile device use has facilitated an increase in mobile security concerns.

Global Pharmaceutical Leader Enables Conditional Access

The CISO of a leading pharmaceutical organization wanted to mitigate the data leakage and compliance risks from mobile devices accessing the company's research data.

Desktop Security With Wheels Isn’t Mobile

In this episode, we’re joined by Aaron Cockerill, Chief Strategy Officer at Lookout to discuss the difference between securing mobile endpoints compared to desktops and laptops.

How to Threat Hunt With Mobile EDR

Lookout threat researcher demonstrates threat hunting with Lookout EDR.

A Massive Threat on a Small Screen

We treat our mobile devices as a trusted device.

US Armed Services Goes BYOD

Watch this video to find out how Avid Systems uses Lookout to enable military personnel to securely use their personal devices for work.

How Lookout Enforces Zero Trust

We implement Zero Trust for your smartphones and tablets by continuously assessing their health.

Federal Systems Integrator Secures Against Mobile Phishing

“Lookout enables people to work the way they want on their phones,” says security architect.

Management Isn’t Security

In this episode, we chat with our mobile security experts to find out why MDM in and of itself not security and what the best way to protect an organization’s mobile devices is.

Top US National Bank Deploys Lookout Cloud Key Security

Learn how a leading financial organization uses Lookout secure cloud infrastructure to stay ahead of the ever-evolving threat landscape.

For a Secure Remote Workforce

In this pilot episode our guest, David Richardson will expose some of those threats and review the challenges and solutions to quickly adapt to a secure remote workforce.

Get To Know Lookout

Lookout created the mobile security market, and continues to innovate and lead the market. See who we are, where we operate and why mobile security is critical now.

How Lookout Protects Employee Location Data

With the world’s largest mobile data set, the Lookout Cloud Security shows that more than 40% of new Android apps in 2019 collected specific user location data.

Mobile Threats: MalApp

Get visibility into the full spectrum of mobile risk to protect intellectual property and increase productivity.

Mobile Threats: NotCompatible.C

Mobile device attacks are highlighting security shortcomings and exposing sensitive data and personal information at an alarming rate.

Mobile Security Made Easy for Small Business

Securing corporate data from these risks shouldn’t be a roadblock for productivity, but rather a set of practices to ensure employees aren’t putting their organizations at risk.

The Spectrum of Mobile Risk

Lookout has developed the Mobile Risk Matrix to help organizations understand the components and vectors that make up the spectrum of mobile risk.

Identifying Phishing Attacks Targeting Verizon Customers

Lookout recently discovered a new phishing attack targeting Verizon customers. The attacker developed a mobile specific site designed to resemble a Verizon app.

Lookout for Personal & Small Business

We secure mobility for the world's largest enterprises, the highest levels of government, hundreds of thousands of small businesses, and tens of millions of individuals.

Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security for Small Business

As more organizations rely on mobile devices and applications to store and access sensitive data, malicious actors are aggressively going after mobile devices.

Lookout Phishing and Content Protection

Phishing is the primary tool used by attackers to gain access to your organization’s network. Learn more about Lookout Phishing and Content Protection.

Lookout + VMware Workspace One Intelligence

Organizations are increasingly adopting formal mobility programs to empower mobile productivity.Here's why you need a unified endpoint to cloud solution to protect data.

Caring for Patients Isn’t Your Only Job

Your healthcare data infrastructure is a lucrative target for cyberattackers because it holds protected health information that is strictly regulated and must be secure.

MTD-MDM-MAM Comparison – Healthcare (HIPAA)

With over 32 million patient records breached in 2019 , the healthcare industry must refine its security strategy to get ahead of hackers. Here's which strategy to use.

2019 IDC MarketScape for MAST

Lookout a Leader in IDC MarketScape for Mobile App Security Testing

2019 IDC MarketScape for MTM

Lookout a Leader in IDC MarketScape for Mobile Threat Management

Lookout Proof of Concept Overview

Powered by the largest dataset of mobile code, with over 170M devices and 70M apps, the Lookout Security Cloud provides visibility into the entire spectrum of mobile risk.

How Lookout Enables CCPA Compliance

Firms will need to re-examine their data protection strategies to ensure they are meeting ‘reasonable security’ standards in an era of increasingly sophisticated cyberthreats.

How We Protect Pharmaceutical Companies

Secure your supply chain by protecting your mobile endpoints.

Lookout + AT&T FirstNet for Emergency Responders

By tampering with medical records and information systems, cybercriminals can have devastating effects on people in need of emergency care.

Lookout for Hospital Systems

Security teams must extend their security strategy from traditional endpoints out to the mobile devices that are used by staff to access patient charts and other PII.

Lookout Secures Global Pharma Organization

Learn how Lookout secures a global pharma company with 20,000 mobile endpoints.

Lookout for Retailers

As more retail organizations embrace a cash register-less mode, in store retail is embracing the post-perimeter world.

Prevent Phishing Campaign Demo Video

Lookout has tracked the evolution of the cybercrime group responsible and the increased technical sophistication of the latest variant, NotCompatible.C.

Lookout Secures the Small Business Mobile Workforce

While they may recognize the risk, smaller organizations are focused on scaling the business, and can’t allocate large amounts of time to cybersecurity.

MTD-MDM-MAM Comparison

This guide compares the cybersecurity capabilities of MTD, MDM, and MAM relative to the spectrum of mobile risk

Post-Perimeter Security for Field Agents

Survey reveals phishing attacks targeting remote government field agents on mobile devices.

PSD2 – Driving the Need To Secure Mobile Banking Apps

Cyber criminals, have upped the ante on targeting mobile app users. This is driving increased regulation, mandating additional security for mobile banking and payment apps.

Lookout + BlackBerry UEM

Organizations are increasingly adopting formal mobility programs to empower mobile productivity.Here's why you need a unified endpoint to cloud solution to protect data.

Lookout + VMware Workspace ONE UEM

As corporate data goes mobile, integrating a unified endpoint management solution with a cloud-based, mobile threat detection solution provides the best protection.

How Lookout Protects Point of Sale Devices

POS systems are a great way to offer payment flexibility and ensure loyal customers get their rewards points, but they also offer an easy point of entry for an attacker.