You have a BYOD programme whether you like it or not

Businesses often believe that they aren’t subject to cyber-threats from mobile devices because, simply, they don’t currently allow personal mobile devices to access their networks. To put this to the test, Lookout analysed the U.S. government, an institution for which data protection is extremely critical, using it as a veritable case study for European enterprises and organisations.

Our finding: employees are connecting their mobile devices to controlled systems whether you know it or not. In fact:

  • 50% of the surveyed government employees access work email from their personal device, and another 49% use their personal device for downloading work documents
  • 58% of respondents report being aware of the security consequences of using their personal mobile phones for work, yet 85% of them will use their phone for potentially risky activities anyway

What we learned should be considered by any global organisation that needs to secure corporate data, protect itself from espionage or criminal activity, and keep employee and customer data safe.

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