Lookout Security Cloud

Lookout Security Cloud applies a suite of detection techniques including machine learning, informed by millions of endpoints and analysed applications, to secure organisations from the latest threats. Lookout defined the mobile security market for consumers and enterprises with a security platform that enables rapid deployment of advanced protection for millions of users worldwide. A highly scalable cloud-first, mobile-first platform, only Lookout Security Cloud provides a privacy-centric approach that continuously protects users and cloud data from the latest phishing, application, device, and network threats. The platform comes with easy-to-use cloud modules for security detection, visibility, response, and remediation.

Security Protections

Mobile Threat Defense
Detects and protects against app, device, and network threats on mobile devices. Prevents compromise of data resulting from risks on such devices.

Detects and protects against phishing attacks across work and personal email, text messages, messaging apps, social media, or any other app that may be used by an attacker to trick a user into exposing their credentials or downloading something malicious.

Security & IT Operations

Mobile App Reputation
Provides visibility and control over app behaviours and risks, using insights from over 70 million analysed apps. Covers a rich set of app behaviours including access to sensitive information, connections to servers, exposure to vulnerabilities, and secure coding practices.

Mobile Vulnerability Management
Detects and provides visibility into risky and vulnerable endpoints, including risky device configurations and vulnerabilities in the operating system.

SOC & Forensics
Provides a rich set of event data, via APIs, connectors and console, to enable investigation, forensics and remediation of cybersecurity incidents.

IT Ecosystems & CCA
Integrates with various components of the IT ecosystem such as MDMs, containers, and identity solutions to ensure that devices are healthy and compliant before and during any access to your data.


Threat Intelligence
Provides visibility into threat intelligence from a global sensor network of millions of mobile devices and insights from our security researchers.

Security SDK

In-App Protection
Allows developers to embed security into their own applications. Protects third-party applications from credential and data compromise, and other threats posed by risky devices.

Lookout Security Cloud Features

The Lookout Security modules are assembled into use-case specific product packages to form the Lookout product suite.

Mobile Endpoint Security
Phishing & Content
App Defense
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IT Ecosystems
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Mobile App
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Mobile Vulnerability
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