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Protect your employees from emerging phishing threats

Phishing is the primary means attackers gain access to your organisation’s network and corporate data. It is relatively easy to fool an end user into clicking on a link, which can lead to malicious websites or downloads. Lookout-exclusive data indicates that up to 25% of employees are fooled into clicking links during phishing tests. Many organisations have already invested in email security protections and spam filters, supplemented by additional perimeter provisions such as firewalls and secure web gateways. However this is increasingly inadequate as employees move outside the perimeter and use other apps, both personal and corporate, for data access and communications.

The Lookout artificial intelligence detection engine proactively determines the reputation of sites on the Internet. With an always-on approach, Lookout Phishing AI detects phishing kits as they are being built, before any user is targeted and an attack is executed. We share select findings with the world here @PhishingAI.


It only takes one errant tap to compromise a mobile device. That tap may be on a malicious URL that was truncated in the browser window, a URL an app accessed in its backend to unknowingly connect to a malicious ad network, or a link in personal email created to trick a user into offering corporate credentials — that enables an attacker to move laterally in your infrastructure towards your valuable data.

Lookout Phishing and Content Protection Delivers

Protection from web and content threats

Lookout alerts users to phishing attempts from any source including:

  • Phishing emails on personal or corporate accounts
  • Text messages with shortened links to malicious websites
  • Browser URL addresses that are obscured
  • Apps containing URLs that download malicious plug-ins OS-based threats

Protect employees where they are targeted

Lookout inspects all outbound connections across all apps when a user connects, without inspecting the content and without violating end-user privacy.

  • Prevents attackers from accessing user credentials and corporate data


Detects before it starts

Lookout’s AI-based phishing detection engine discovers phishing sites early in the attack lifecycle - before the attacker can target users

Protection beyond today's perimeter

Protects employees as they bypass today's perimeter controls due to mobility and adoption of cloud services

Comprehensive protection at scale

A powerful line of defence against phishing attacks across personal email, texts, messaging platforms and apps all at scale

Privacy by design

Lookout does not rely on inspecting message content, and therefore does not violate end user privacy

Protect mobile users

Mobile is one of the most prevalent mobile vectors used by attackers to exfiltrate enterprise data

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