Lookout App Security Assessment

App Security Assessment

White-glove security analyses of Android and iOS apps

Lookout App Security Assessment offers a comprehensive, white-glove app analysis by Lookout’s elite mobile security research team, paired with app insights from Lookout’s corpus of over 70 million analysed apps. Lookout reviews all dimensions of app risk including code construction, permissions, behaviour , malware, network traffic, vulnerabilities, and prevalence.

Lookout reviews all dimensions of app risks

Code Construction Analysis

Lookout analysts can provide insight into the libraries, encryption and obfuscation techniques of a given application.

Permission & Behaviour Analysis

Detailed documentation of an app’s data access capabilities and activities, including invisible background behaviours.

Vulnerability Analysis

Apps are reviewed for all classes of vulnerability in the mobile OWASP Top Ten, including known and zero-day vulnerabilities.

Network Traffic Analysis

Enumeration and analyses of the endpoints the app communicates with and the data transmitted.

Prevalence Analysis

Understand the relative popularity of a given application and its prevalence in key operational geographies.

Malware Analysis

Lookout checks every app for malware using advanced correlative analysis drawing on its 70 million app corpus.

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