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A global pass to cutting-edge mobile threat intelligence

Lookout Threat Advisory provides cutting-edge mobile threat intelligence from Lookout’s global sensor network of millions of mobile devices and insights from Lookout’s top mobile security researchers. Customers get access to monthly threat reports and analyst inquiry calls, quarterly webcasts, and also get early access to novel Lookout threat research.

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Lookout Threat Advisory provides
cutting-edge mobile threat intelligence

Monthly Global Threat Reports

Every month customers receive a detailed report containing the latest threat encounter rates, trends, and top threat families globally.

Monthly Analyst Inquiries

Five Monthly Analyst Inquiries

Customers can schedule up to five, one-hour threat inquiry calls every month with Lookout’s industry-leading threat analysts.

Quarterly Threat Webcast

One Quarterly Threat Webcast

Tune in quarterly for an exclusive webcast where Lookout’s top researchers will recap key quarterly trends and discoveries.

Early Access

Early Access to New Threat Research

Receive two-week advance copies of Lookout’s latest novel threat discovery reports.

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