Where’s my droid?

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Oops. Where's My Droid?

Smartphone portability is amazing, but when our Android devices travel everywhere with us they can be so easy to misplace. At one time or another most of us have left our smartphone at a restaurant, office or classroom or had it simply disappear without a trace – leaving us to wonder whether it was dropped or stolen. No matter the cause, losing a phone is frustrating and disruptive, and when you realize it is gone it can be difficult to decide what to do first to find your Droid.

If Only I Could See It On a Map…

If Lookout users need to find a lost cell phone, they can simply log in to the Lookout website from any computer and locate their Droid or any other Android phone on a Google map. Even if the location tracking (GPS) on your lost Droid is turned off, in some cases, Lookout can turn it on remotely and your lost cell phone will appear on the map within minutes. Once the phone is nearby, you can activate a loud siren that plays from your Android at top volume. You won’t be left playing a game of Where’s Waldroid.

Alas, I Can't Find My Droid – How Do I Protect the Private Information on It?

Lookout lost phone locator is available to everyone as part of Lookout Free for any Android device. Lookout Premium provides additional security features for Android devices to help you keep your personal information private. Remotely lock a lost Android device to prevent unwanted access of the information on the device, right from the Lookout website. If you are certain that your phone is gone for good, you can also remotely wipe the data on your phone. This includes personal account access to apps like Facebook, Gmail and YouTube. When you get your new Android, Lookout Premium will enable you to download a copy of your data from your old phone.

Don’t Wait Until After Your Phone Is Already Missing

Lookout is a simple to use, free app that includes Find My Phone and supports all Android phones. Unlike other lost cell phone locator apps, Lookout includes the industry’s leading mobile antivirus and data backup for more protection. Download the Lookout for Android security app and protect your Android smartphone in just minutes.