Introducing enterprise app review: ensure custom iOS apps are in compliance

iOS-centric enterprises can now upload custom apps into the Lookout Security Cloud to uncover anomalies before distribution to employees.

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Extend corporate compliance to mobile. Affirm your data is safe no matter what networks or cloud services your employees use.

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How we're different

Only the Lookout Security Cloud delivers predictive mobile security powered by a worldwide network of 100 million mobile sensors.

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Lookout Protected Devices


Informed by the world's largest mobile dataset

More data means more accurate threat protection. The success of the Lookout Personal app for Android and iOS has enabled us to develop a network of more than 100 million mobile device sensors. These sensors provide threat data to the Lookout Security Cloud that enables us to deliver predictive security that gets more precise as sensors are added and the world becomes more connected.

Lookout Protected Devices

Smarter Machine Intelligence

Mobile First

A more secure world starts here.

The Lookout approach to predictive mobile security enables more accurate detection of complex patterns that indicate risk, patterns that would otherwise escape human analysts. That means smarter, more reliable security for individuals and enterprises.

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Mobile Endpoint Security

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App Security

Lookout Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence

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Wall Street Journal

“Lookout combines machine learning and contextual analytics to protect mobile devices from malicious applications.”

Cybersecurity Startup Reviews ‘App’s DNA’ to Help CIOs Identify Mobile Malware, November 2014
Wall Street Journal

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