The easiest way to protect your device from security threats, loss and theft.

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Our phones and tablets keep us moving through work and life, holding our most important information — email, documents, photos, credit card numbers, and more.

Keep your phone safe

  • Protect your device from malware
  • Scan every app to ensure it's safe
  • Block malicious websites

Protect your privacy

  • See which apps access your private info
  • Wipe your data so no one can access it
  • Prevent encounters with phishing scams

No phone left behind

Lookout gives you a fighting chance of getting your lost or stolen phone back, whether it’s in the couch cushions or lost after a night out.

Locate your phone on a map from any web browser. Make your phone sound an alarm when it's hiding nearby. Keep your data out of a stranger's hands with Lock + Wipe. Save your phone's location when the battery gets low. Get an email with your device's location when we notice suspicious activity.

We got your back(up)

You’ve got a lot of personal data on your phone. Lookout will back up your Google contacts and photos to the cloud for safekeeping.

Check out the full list of features.

Stay Protected
by Lookout

Lookout makes it easy to manage your account and find your device at Lookout.com. And what if you’ve got a tablet or another phone, too? No sweat. Lookout protects additional Android, iOS or Kindle devices, all from the same account.

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