Lookout for Android

Powerful mobile security and theft protection in one simple app.

See all the ways Lookout keeps your Android device, and everything on it, safe and secure.

Security & Privacy

Predictive Security

Only Lookout has technology that can see shared "DNA" across millions of mobile apps, so we can find and stop threats before they do harm.

Privacy Advisor *

See which apps can access your information – like location and contacts – so you can make sure your private information stays that way.

* Premium Feature

Safe Browsing *

Surf the web safely with security that protects against suspicious websites that might infect your phone or steal your personal information.

Theft Protection

Locate & Scream

Map the location of your device when it's missing, and make it sound a loud alarm – even when it's on silent.

Theft Alerts *

We'll send you an email with a photo and the location of your device whenever we see activity that could mean it has been stolen.

* Premium Feature

Signal Flare

We'll automatically save your device's last location when your battery gets low, to help you find it when it's dead.

Lock & Wipe *

Log in to Lookout.com from any browser to quickly lock your device or delete your personal data if it is ever stolen.

Data Backup


Save a copy of your contacts and access them anytime from Lookout.com.

Data Transfer

Download your data from Lookout.com to transfer to a new device.

* Premium Feature

Photos *

Safeguard all your precious photos by backing them up to the cloud.

Call History Backup *

With your call logs backed up on Lookout.com, you won't have to worry about losing any contacts you haven't saved yet.


Remote Control

Log in to Lookout.com from any web browser to manage your account and find your device.

Automatic Protection

The latest security updates are automatically downloaded to your device, so you don't need to wait for an app update.

All Your Devices

Protect multiple devices, all from one Lookout account.

World-Class Support

Need help? Our support team wins rave reviews and is always available at support@lookout.com.

Product Comparison

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Security & Privacy
Predictive Security
Privacy Advisor
Safe Browsing
Theft Protection
Signal Flare
Theft Alerts
Lock & Wipe
Data Backup
Contact Backup
Photo Backup
Call History Backup
Download & Transfer Data

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