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Track Lost Company Phones

Track Your Own Personal Phone Free

Our Android devices go everywhere and do almost everything with us. It’s comforting to know that your smartphone and the personal information on it are constantly protected—even if your Android is lost or stolen.

Trust the Leader in Android Security Software

Lookout provides complete Android security in a single free and easy-to-use app. With millions of users across 170 countries and 400 mobile networks worldwide, Lookout is the #1 choice of users when it comes to Android security apps. Lookout’s award-winning security software earns the highest ratings from people like you that rely on Lookout Android security to protect the personal data on their phones.

Security & Android Antivirus

To protect you from viruses, malware and spyware, Lookout includes an Android virus scanner to scan every app you download and prevent mobile threats that could put you at risk for identity theft or fraud. Learn More.

Missing Device

Lookout can track your Android device on a map and lets you remotely make it Scream. If your phone is lost for good, you can remotely lock your phone and wipe your personal data as part of Lookout Premium. Learn More.


Lookout regularly backs up your Android device and enables you to recover your contacts and photos if your device is lost or stolen. Unlike other Android backup apps, Lookout provides security and find my phone in addition to the backup feature, so you can rest assured your data is protected. Learn More.


Use the web to secure your phone, manage data backups and find your phone. No matter where you are, Lookout gives you complete visibility and control. Learn More.

People want Lookout on their devices —just ask the millions of people who have already downloaded our app for their own personal devices. We recognize that strong security depends on widespread user adoption, so we’ve packed our app with useful features that provide immediate value to employees, like data backups to save those family photos and Signal Flare to alert them when their battery runs low. Lookout for Business makes IT people heroes by enabling them to protect their business and give employees an app that will make their lives easier. Learn more about Lookout for Business.

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