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See all the ways Lookout keeps your Android device, and everything on it, safe and secure with Lookout.

Security + privacy

These days, smartphones and tablets need protection just like your computer and credit cards do. With Lookout, you know someone’s got your back.

Advanced Security

Stay safe from viruses, malware, and spyware when downloading apps or files. Make sure each file, app or email attachment you open is safe.

Safe Dialing

Scan all click­-to-call links to stay safe from dialer-related threats that can wipe your data, photos or factory reset your phone.

Safe Browsing*

Surf the mobile web safely and ensure every site you visit and every link you click on from emails, texts, even Facebook, is safe.

Privacy Protected*

Privacy Advisor protects your privacy and knows which apps can access your private information.

Missing device

Forget that panicked feeling when you can’t find your smartphone. Lookout gives you a fighting chance to get your lost or stolen phone back.

Find My Phone

Instantly map the location of your phone from any device with an internet browser and sound a loud alarm – even if your phone is on silent.

Even With a Dying Battery

Signal Flare automatically saves your device'€™s last known location when your battery gets low, significantly improving your chances of finding your phone.

Protect Your Device From Prying Eyes

With Lock Cam you'€™ll know immediately if someone is attempting to access your phone. Get an email with the picture and location of anyone who enters an incorrect password five times into your Android lock screen.

Lock It Down*

If your device is in the wrong place at the wrong time, remotely lock it to block access to your personal data and post a custom message to get it back.

Wipe It Clean*

If your device is gone for good, remotely wipe your device so your personal info doesn'€™t fall into the wrong hands.

* Premium Feature


Losing or damaging your phone doesn’t have to mean losing what’s on it. Schedule automatic backups of your mobile data securely, safely and seamlessly.

Back Up Contacts

Save a copy of your Google contacts in the cloud that you can download to your computer at any time.

Back Up Photos + Call History*

Save your irreplaceable photos and call history to access them from any web browser.

Download Your Data

Download your info and upload it to your current phone at any time, even from past backups if you accidentally delete an important contact.

Transfer to a New Device*

Don'€™t miss a beat when you get a shiny new device. Put your old data on your new phone, pronto!


No matter where life takes you, Lookout keeps all your mobile devices secure and gives you complete transparency and control.

Remote Control

Log into from any web browser to manage your account and find your phone.

Manage All Your Devices in One Place

Keep all of your favorite Android, iOS and Kindle devices secure! Protect up to two devices with one Lookout account.

Protection Over the Air

Never worry, you'€™ll get the latest security updates automatically downloaded to your device.

World‐Class Support

Need help? Our support team wins rave reviews and is just a click away.

Premium Support*

Priority support when you need help ASAP.

* Premium Feature

Lookout: Security For The Post-PC Era

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