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Your iPhone is your lifeline

With all the valuable information on your iPhone or iPad, you want to make sure it’s protected. Lookout for iOS gives you peace of mind that your device — and everything on it — is safe and secure.

Keep your device safe

Lookout notifies you if you are exposed to security vulnerabilities because you have out-of-date software or if your iPhone or iPad is jailbroken.

Protect your privacy

Take control of your privacy by seeing which apps can access your location, helping you make better decisions about the apps you download.


If your iPhone disappears, don’t waste time frantically trying to retrace your steps. Lookout gives you a fighting chance of locating your missing iPhone or iPad.

Locate your phone on a map from any web browser. Make your phone sound an alarm when it's hiding nearby. Keep your data out of a stranger's hands with Lock + Wipe. Save your phone's location when the battery gets low. Get an email with your device's location when we notice suspicious activity.

Lookout’s Got Your Back. And Your iOS Backup.

No need to worry about losing your precious contacts. Over-the-air backup means that your contacts are safe, even when you haven’t had time to sync your iPhone. Upgrade to Lookout Premium to back up your photos as well.

We meant it: everything is OK

Lookout will protect your iOS, Android and Kindle devices, all from the same Lookout account. Plus, it’s super easy to manage it all or find a lost device from

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