Phishing on mobile is the biggest unsolved cybersecurity problem in the enterprise today. This is because phishing is both different and more problematic on the mobile device.

When you add mobile into the equation, phishing extends beyond corporate email into SMS and MMS; messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger; and personal email.

Read this whitepaper to understand mobile phishing facts that will help you make informed decisions on how to protect corporate data, including:

  • Why your existing phishing protection does not cover mobile devices
  • How it’s easier for attackers to trick individuals into falling for phishing attacks on mobile than it is on desktop.
  • What mobile malware authors do to successfully execute phishing techniques in the wild, especially mAPT actors
  • What you can do to protect your enterprise
  • Why organizations need to worry about apps (not just people) unknowingly accessing phishing URLs and serving them up to unsuspecting mobile users.

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