Data-centric cloud security for protecting corporate data in the cloud, on-prem, or on devices.

Many organizations are looking to move security controls closer to the users, apps, and data they need to protect. Lookout provides a single, unified vantage point to effortlessly protect sensitive data in motion across apps, networks, and clouds.

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Hybrid work is forcing security leaders to stretch infrastructure to enable productive workforce collaboration, fueled by apps that are moving to the cloud at record pace.

a person and a cat looking at a computer screena woman working on her laptop
of workers expect to work from home at least 3 days per week.
of workers are frustrated with outdated workplace technology.
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The average cost of a data breach where remote work was a factor in causing the breach.
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of customers agree current security staffing is inadequate, according to 451 research, S&P Global Market Intelligence.
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The number of open security workforce positions at the end of 2021.

Traditional on-prem security solutions can't keep up with widening gaps across a rapidly growing attack surface. As threats increase, so does the cost of a breach.

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Too many point products is a costly, clunky experience.

By 2025, 80% of organizations in the market for SSE-related security services will purchase a consolidated solution. In 2021, it was just 15%.

Traditional data security solutions aren’t enough anymore.

Multiple dashboards and policies create security gaps that can be exploited to gain unauthorized access and misuse corporate and personal data.

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Organizations everywhere have moved to the cloud. Now, they’re looking to unify existing point products with unified cloud security platforms that offer a complete stack of services that protect workers, devices, apps, and data.

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