Lookout Security Platform

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As the leader in mobile security, Lookout continues to innovate and define the market with a platform enabling rapid deployment of advanced protections for millions of users worldwide.

A highly scalable cloud- and mobile-first platform, only the Lookout Security Platform provides a privacy-centric approach that continuously protects users and enterprise data from the latest phishing, application, device, and network threats. 

The Lookout Security Platform offers the flexibility of easy-to-use modules for mobile protection, detection, visibility, analysis, response and remediation. 

Security Protections

Phishing Protection

Stop a massive threat on a small screen

Protect every user in your organization against phishing attacks across multiple attack vectors — SMS, email, and in-app messages.

Go beyond protecting just work email. Lookout extends phishing protection to any app including personal email, text messages — both iMessage and SMS, messaging apps like Slack, Skype for Business, and WhatsApp, and all social media platforms.

Lookout stops phishing across all vectors used by attackers to trick users into exposing credentials or downloading malicious software.

Mobile Threat Defense

Protect your employees' primary personal and work device

Identify and remediate app, device and network threats on iOS and Android devices regardless of whether they are company issued or employee owned. 

With intelligence from 100+ million analyzed apps, Lookout provides the greatest visibility and control of app-based risks. Our security platform creates a fingerprint of each mobile device and compares it with data from more than 185 million devices to continuously protect from device risks. 

Analyzing network connections across our global sensor network enables Lookout to detect high-impact threats in real-time while mitigating false positives. 

Web Access Controls

Block access to risky or offensive content on mobile

Protect employees by preventing access to risky or offensive content on iOS and Android devices without inspecting app, web or email traffic. 

Our unique approach respects user privacy while correlating against sites known for risky or offensive content and automatically prevents connections to blocked content from being established. 

With continuous enforcement and prevention, Lookout limits exposure to risky and offensive content, and enables an organization to extend content filtering policies to its entire mobile workforce. 

Security & IT Operations

Data Protection Integrations

Protect your enterprise data with continuous conditional access for mobile devices

Lookout grants access to data based on an assumption of zero trust and continuously assesses the health of the user's mobile device to validate or stop access.

Lookout works behind the scenes, dynamically monitoring the health of both company and employee-owned mobile devices while the user is connected to the enterprise. Lookout allows only trusted devices that maintain a low risk level to connect to enterprise infrastructure and data. 

When risk-levels for a mobile device fails to meet your organization's compliance requirements, Lookout data protection integrations allow for policy enforcement via all leading EMM and MDM vendors. 

Mobile Vulnerability Management

Identify devices at risk within your organization

Mobile devices create  a unique challenge for security teams compared with traditional endpoints.

With mobile OS updates delivered at a higher frequency, organizations are often unable to keep up with vulnerabilities and patches. This makes identifying the devices that need to be updated or quarantined extremely difficult.

Unrivaled visibility into 180+ million devices provides Lookout with unique insight into vulnerable mobile endpoints, including risky device configurations and operating system vulnerabilities.

Mobile App Reputation

Analyze apps within your organization

Identify risks without violating privacy using reports based on anonymized aggregated data of the apps used by your employees, enabling you to gain insights from 100+ million analyzed apps. Lookout provides deep insight into app behaviors including access to sensitive information, connections to servers, exposure to vulnerabilities and secure coding practices. With Lookout, you can quickly identify risky apps and use Lookout to blacklist them for your organization.

Security Event Forensics

Visibility into the entire mobile kill chain

Identify and understand the mobile kill chain for attacks targeting your organization and employees.

With visibility across the entire spectrum of mobile risk, Lookout provides a rich set of event data to enable investigation, forensics and remediation of cybersecurity incidents. The Lookout Mobile Risk API allows you to conduct investigations within Lookout, across integrated infrastructure, or within the SIEM of your choice.


Malware Analysis

Insight from a single app to the latest global threat trends

Lookout protects the world’s largest app stores, analyzing every version of every app.

Every day we inspect more than 100,000 new apps. Up to 10,000 of which are convicted as malicious by Lookout AI Threat engines.

Analyzing malware at a massive scale, gives Lookout insight into every app threat and the potential impact it can have on your organization.

This continuous malware intelligence provides your organization with the visibility you need to understand the latest mobile app threats.

Threat Intelligence

Add Lookout human and machine intelligence to your side

Access cutting-edge mobile threat research powered by the world’s largest global sensor network powered by analysis from hundreds of millions of mobile apps and devices.

Gain unique mobile insights and research from Lookout to your security intelligence team.

Leverage monthly threat reports as well as personal inquiry calls, and quarterly webcasts with our team of threat research analysts. Only Threat Intelligence customers get early access to our researchers and their latest threat findings.

Application Development

In-App Protection

Protect customers with insight from 180+ million devices

Embed Lookout mobile security into your custom apps.

Lookout enables developers to easily add security protections into apps. Make your apps “self-defending” by enabling them to take remedial actions depending on the severity of the threat, such as blocking account access on jailbroken devices.

With the ability to detect and remediate app-based threats, Lookout provides a critical layer of protection for your users and your brand.

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