April 20, 2021

Telkomsel and Lookout Partner to Secure Indonesian Enterprises and Their Customers

- TEMS consists of two solutions including Telkomsel Mobile App Protection, Telkomsel Mobile Endpoint Protection.

- Telkomsel Enterprise Mobile Security (TEMS)is the latest digital solution by Telkomsel myBusiness allowing companies to ensure its customers stay ahead of the ever-changing mobile threat landscape that consist of TEMS Mobile Endpoint Protection and TEMS Mobile Apps Protection .

Jakarta, 20 April 2021 - Telkomsel announced a partnership with Lookout, Inc., a leading cybersecurity company, to secure and empower the digital future of Indonesian enterprises and their customers.

As the world continues to shift towards a digital-first environment, mobile devices and mobile apps have become a primary way people work and manage their digital lives. As Indonesia’s leading telecommunications company, Telkomsel launch brand Telkomsel Enterprise Mobile Security (TEMS) by rolling out two security solutions to ensure its customers stay ahead of the ever-changing mobile threat landscape that consists of TEMS Mobile Endpoint Protection and TEMS Mobile Apps Protection.

Available today are two new cloud-delivered Telkomsel cybersecurity solutions powered by Lookout. Telkomsel Mobile Endpoint Protection and Telkomsel Mobile App Protection solutions enable organizations to secure their employees’ phones, tablets and Chromebooks as well as embed security into their customer-facing apps. The solutions are powered by the Lookout Security Graph which analyzes telemetry data from over 200 million devices, 142 million apps and continuously ingests and analyzes more than four million URLs every day. By leveraging machine intelligence, Lookout secures customers against phishing, app, device, app and network threats in a privacy-respecting manner. The cloud-delivered platform can also automatically detect threats even if it has never seen them before.

“Telkomsel is a digital telecommunications company committed to enabling customer-centric solutions for all of our customers across Indonesia, whether B2B or B2C customers,” said Dharma Simorangkir, SVP Enterprise, Telkomsel. “Today, in partnership with Lookout, this commitment is translated with the launch of Telkomsel Mobile Endpoint Protection and Telkomsel Mobile App Protection that provide maximum security for our business customers. With greater security, companies can continue to focus on increasing their productivity without having to worry about their application and data protection.”

Telkomsel Enterprise Mobile Security:

Telkomsel Mobile Endpoint Protection (MEP) More than half of the devices employees use to access an organization’s data run iOS, Android and Chrome OS. The problem is security on mobile devices is often overlooked, creating a gap in the organization's security architecture. As people continue to work away from the office, they also expect their personal privacy to be respected. Telkomsel MEP customer benefits include:

- Secures company- and employee-owned iOS, Android and Chrome OS devices.

- Cloud-delivered security scales seamlessly to hundreds of thousands of endpoints.

- Optimizes processor performance and battery life with a lightweight app.

- Meets compliance requirements while preserving user privacy.

Telkomsel Mobile App Protection (MAP) Mobile applications have become the primary destination for customers to interact with businesses. As this trend continues, enterprises need to ensure that sensitive data and personal privacy are protected from the entire spectrum of mobile risks. Telkomsel MAP customer benefits include:

- Secures against the app, device and network threats

- Embeds easily into any mobile app with its lightweight SDK library

- Designed to have no impact on the performance of the application

Through its partnership with Lookout, Telkomsel ensures that Telkomsel Mobile App Protection complies with both national and international data protection regulations as well as implementing efficient security layers to protect an organization’s data.

“According to Asia Times, cybercriminals have amped up people-focused attacks on businesses, and the most prevalent of them all are phishing attacks themselves,” said Firas Azmeh, General Manager of Carrier Partnerships, Lookout. "We are proud to partner with Telkomsel, the leading provider of mobility and business solutions in Indonesia, to deliver best-in-class endpoint security with phishing and content protection to  Indonesian businesses.”

“The collaboration between Telkomsel and Lookout on Telkomsel Mobile App Protection is Telkomsel’s continued effort which puts innovation first and collaboration to bring benefits of technology across sectors. Telkomsel Mobile App Protection is expected to be able to give solution business players to adapt to the ongoing new normal era by utilising the right digital technology comprehensively. This solution will drive digital transformation within their organizations, and strengthens Telkomsel’s efforts to develop an inclusive and sustainable digital ecosystem in Indonesia by implementing Telkomsel’s three digital pillars; Digital Connectivity, Digital Service, and Digital Platform,” Dharma concluded.

Telkomsel MEP and Telkomsel MAP are available through Telkomsel myBusiness, Telkomsel business unit that focused on enabling mobility solutions across SMEs, enterprise and the government.

To learn more about TEMS MEP and MAP and its benefits for enterprise customers, please visit our website tsel.me/mobileendpointprotection  and tsel.me/mobileappsprotection

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Telkomsel is the leading digital cellular operator in Indonesia and it has deployed more than 228.000 BTS to serve more than 160  million customers nationwide to the most inner, outermost and least developed regions. Over the last 25 years of serving the nation, Telkomsel has been consistently implementing the latest broadband technology, including being the first to trial 5G services in Indonesia. Furthermore, Telkomsel continues to develop digital businesses such as Mobile Gaming, Digital Entertainment, Digital Advertising, Digital Lifestyle, Mobile Financial Services, Enterprise Solutions, and Internet of Things to enable Indonesian society to continue discovering new ways of living. Telkomsel’s customer service can be reached through the 24-hour call center, the nearest GraPARI across Indonesia, by email at cs@telkomsel.co.id, through social media channels facebook.com/telkomsel, Twitter @telkomsel, Instagram @telkomsel, or through Telkomsel’s virtual assistant available on MyTelkomsel app, Telkomsel’s LINE, Telegram, Whatsapp, and Facebook Messenger.

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