Mobile EDR for Managed Services: Differentiated Security That Matters

Grow your endpoint security business by extending EDR to protect your customers from modern-day breaches that start with mobile.

Grow your security services with a trusted partner

To tap into the cybersecurity needs of today’s businesses, you need both a robust solution and a trusted partner.

In a world where mobile devices are used for personal and organizational tasks, establishing the appropriate security and privacy measures is essential. With Lookout, Pax8 partners can reduce customer risk and meet their compliance objectives by closing the security gap across all iOS, Android, and ChromeOS for both managed and unmanaged (BYOD) devices in a way that respects end-user privacy.” 
— Nick Heddy, President of Pax8
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Protect customers with the world’s largest AI-driven dataset of mobile threat telemetry.

A solution built to grow your business

We’ve built our platform in a way that’s ready to go from day one to start or enhance your security services.

Countless revenue opportunities

Our solution unlocks a range of service opportunities including mobile risk assessments, security policy management, threat hunting, and training. And, of course, we price it so you can make a healthy margin on the licenses as well.

Privacy-aware security

End users aren’t always ready to have their employer add software to their mobile devices. That’s why we’ve built an AI-driven solution that does not use or share personal information, is non-invasive and much more effective.

No additional burden to manage

Simplicity is our philosophy. Our mobile EDR offers zero-click deployment and a single console for managing policies across multiple tenants, making deployment and management straightforward.

April 8, 2023

Detect malicious activity at all levels on mobile devices

Industry: Software

Function: Engineering - Other

Firm Size: 3B - 10B USD

Lookout mobile endpoint provides services that solves ever-growing need for advanced security for mobile devices that are most vulnerable to attacks as user tends to open various links/website across any Wi-Fi. Using the platform malicious activity can be easily detected.

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of threats remediated by end-users, saving you time
battery consumption won’t affect user experience 
time savings using multi-tenant policy deployment
“The seamless cooperation and integration between Lookout and Microsoft brings many advantages to our customers, and Fujitsu can count on Lookout's support and technical security expertise being at an excellent level.”
— Pentti Soini, Development Manager, Fujitsu Finland
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