Mobile Data Backup. Some Day You’ll Be Glad You Did.

Your phone contains a lot of important information about you — if your phone disappeared tomorrow, what would you lose? Lookout provides safe, secure and seamless backup of your mobile data, automatically over the air.

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No More Rainy Days

Whether you accidentally delete data, your phone is lost, or even if it’s destroyed, your data is safe. Schedule automatic backups of your data so you can rest assured that you always have an extra copy of your most important data. Access your information at anytime online on the Lookout website, where you can see all your info, save a copy or restore it to a new or existing phone. Back up and restore contacts for free — or upgrade to Lookout Premium to back up your photos as well.

Lose Your Phone? Don’t Lose Your Data.

If you lose your phone, restore your contacts to your existing phone without a hassle once you get it back.

With Lookout Premium, you can back up and restore your photos in addition to contacts — and if you get a replacement phone, you can transfer all your data to your new phone with the click of a mouse.

Never worry about losing contacts again. With Lookout, your data is securely backed up to the cloud where you can easily access this data from any web browser.

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