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No matter where your data goes, fulfill new security and protection requirements while maintaining FERPA compliance with one simple, unified solution.

Threat surfaces are expanding for educational institutions.

How much ransomware attacks increase year over year for educational institutions.
ransomware attacks impacted U.S. schools, colleges, and universities in 2020, according to the FBI.
malware incidents were suffered by educational institutions in one month of 2021.

Hybrid education is not going away.

Institutions must enable remote learning, but the cost and rapid integration of multiple security tools can cause ineffective or even dangerous misconfigurations.

Traditional security perimeters can’t keep data safe.

With data now in the cloud and stored on student devices everywhere, the risk of data breaches and ransomware has increased dramatically.

Compliance is more difficult than ever.

Staying compliant with FERPA and HIPAA regulations now require solutions that can negatively impact learning and invade privacy of personal data.

Educational institutions have been hit with a huge need for streamlined data and system protections on all devices that connect to school networks.

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Digital information moves without boundaries or limits. Get security that moves with it.

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