We Help Federal Government Agencies Meet Zero Trust Executive Orders

Stay ahead of today’s cyber threat landscape while meeting the Zero Trust Architecture Executive Order 14028 and OMB Cybersecurity Directives M-21-30, M-21-31, M-22-01 and M-22-09, with Lookout.

Lookout Security Platform is FedRAMP JAB P-ATO Authorized

Government data management is more complex than ever.

mobile endpoint security solution to achieve P-ATO designation within the FedRAMP Marketplace.
security products are deployed by organizations on average, creating unnecessary complexity.
of IT professionals report more security incidents due to hybrid work.

Meeting security requirements is a complex process.

Many agencies lack the resources to leverage effective, modern security solutions that work seamlessly to meet Executive Orders and OMB mandates.

Cloud migration and remote work increase exposure.

Working remotely and collaborating in cloud environments give traditional security tools like VPNs very little visibility or control over data.

Enhanced security strategy over a multitude of security tools.

Many agencies have adopted multiple edge security tools, adding complexity and time on consolidating data instead of focusing on improving strategy.

To protect data during migration to the cloud, federal agencies must comply with Executive Order 14028 to adopt a Zero Trust Architecture by 2024, and adhere to OMB mandates to enhance security for cloud services.

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How to Manage Risk at the Mobile Endpoint

The widespread use of mobile devices in the workplace, whether agency-issued or employee-owned, has caused a spike in mobile threats — more than half of personal mobile devices were hit by phishing attacks in 2022.

Lookout provides Zero Trust Architecture to multiple critical government agencies.

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