Keep Your Patient Data Safe as You Move to the Cloud

Protect sensitive data, minimize risk of exposure, and ensure compliance with HIPAA and other local privacy regulations as you move to the cloud.

Today, taking care of patients means taking care of their data too.

of provider visits in 2020 were done via telehealth, compared to just 0.3% in 2019.
The average cost of a healthcare breach in 2020.
clinics, hospitals, and healthcare organizations suffered from ransomware attacks in 2020.

Legacy security isn’t built for today’s threats.

On-prem security cannot scale, is less efficient, and forces IT teams to add additional security, increasing complexity, cost, and security gaps.

Hybrid work has made it more difficult to track data.

Many organizations rely on VPN or other traditional methods that don’t let them see how users are handling sensitive data on their devices.

Compliance is becoming overwhelming.

Staying compliant with FERPA, HIPAA regulations now require solutions that can negatively impact learning and invade privacy of personal data.

Telehealth is here to stay.

While it’s more egalitarian and flexible, telehealth also increases risk of confidential patient data leaking, exposing privacy and compliance issues.

As healthcare companies move to the cloud and remote work, it’s clear existing standalone security tools cannot protect against cyber threats. Companies need continued investment to move towards unified, cloud security models aligned with zero trust.

Medical professional standing and looking at a computer monitor in a hospital

Securing the future of healthcare.

With the rapid move to hybrid work and telehealth, Lookout makes it simple to create a unified, cloud security solution that protects patient data, minimizes risk, and ensures privacy and compliance with HIPAA and other local privacy regulations.

Medical professional walking in a hospital corridor while looking at a digital tablet

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