Secure Your Data, Even When It Leaves the Building

Maintain visibility and control over data and IP wherever it goes by integrating endpoint security with cloud security. With one unified solution you can block attacks while enabling dynamic access for your users.

Manufacturing has grown more interconnected, and far less secure.

of manufacturers are concerned about competitors stealing their trade secrets or intellectual property.
of organizations have suffered a security incident due to cloud misconfigurations in their industrial control systems.
The increase in shop floor phishing attacked in 2021, most of which were attempts to install ransomware.

Traditional security is no match for today’s threats.

Using a VPN or a patchwork of security solutions lacks the seamless integration of a native cloud platform, creating complications and security gaps.

Securing supply chains is more difficult than ever.

With remote work, there’s more devices and locations for attacks. One successful phishing attack could compromise your data or halt production lines.

Traditional security gets in the way of productivity.

Providing apps like Office365 and remote access for partners and contractors is key for productivity, but legacy security often creates a bottleneck.

The move to industrial automation has brought mobile apps, data analytics, and IoT devices—increasing innovation, efficiency, and revenue. But it has also brought more cyber attacks, affecting factories, supply chains, and intellectual property.

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