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Protect your hybrid-remote workforces from the entire spectrum of mobile risk—including phishing, app, device and network threats with Lookout.

Cybercrime is costing government agencies.

Lookout was the first mobile security solution on the inaugural StateRAMP and TX-RAMP authorized vendor lists.
Forrester Research revealed ransomware attacks have increased threefold since 2020, and increasingly target state agencies.
in ransomware demands were made in the first half of 2021 alone.

Modernizing legacy systems increases exposure.

State and local government agencies want to enable digital citizen services, but this can create risk, add costs and new administrative burdens.

Hybrid work brings new cybersecurity challenges.

VPN’s and traditional security methods are obsolete in a cloud workforce environment as employees connect from public and personal devices.

Staying compliant has become far more complex.

Funding is limited to enhance existing systems to meet the cyber compliance and incident reporting requirements that NIST and CISA have outlined.

As more state and local government agencies onboard cloud services and move to telework initiatives, citizen data is increasingly at risk. State and local government organizations are often targeted because their legacy systems are not equipped to withstand modern day threats.

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U.S. Government threat report for teleworkers.

Lookout data reveals that government organizations are increasingly targeted and highly exposed due to outdated operating systems and risky apps.

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Digital information moves without boundaries or limits. Get security that moves with it.

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