Responsible Disclosure

Our philosophy on security

We believe Lookout products should be safe & secure for all our users. In order to fulfill this promise, we treat security as our #1 priority and guide our decisions based on our Security and Privacy Principles. If you have found a security vulnerability in Lookout's products or services, we appreciate your help in responsibly disclosing the details to our team.

Reporting a vulnerability is simple

Lookout uses HackerOne to manage our security bug bounty program. If you believe you’ve discovered a security vulnerability in one of Lookout’s applications or services, please email us at HackerOne will respond with instructions on how to report the vulnerability and join the bounty program.

The Responsible Disclosure email address above is for security researchers to report vulnerabilities in Lookout products. Users who need product support, including users who feel their devices have been hacked or their accounts compromised, should contact Lookout Support at

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