Mobile Threat Protection

A security solution for your mobile workforce to defeat evolving mobile threats.

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Benefits of Mobile Threat Protection

  • Keep company data safe by detecting, remediating and predicting mobile threats before they impact your company.

  • Enable secure BYOD programs with a flexible, consumer-friendly security solution that won’t cause an employee revolt.

  • Gain security visibility into mobile device footprints without compromising employee privacy.

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Mobile Threat Protection Features

Early Detection of Advanced Threats

Detect and remediate mobile threats such as surveillanceware, trojans, or data leakers.

Detection of a Compromised OS

Identify devices that have been rooted or jailbroken, even if they bypass MDM detection.

View All Sideloaded Apps on Your Network

View and approve iOS and Android apps that were installed outside of official app stores.

Custom Security Policy

Create flexible security policies for user groups, such as executives or global workers.

MDM Integration

Connect with leading MDM solutions for simple device provisioning and quarantine.

Android & iOS Protection

Deploy a lightweight app that protects user privacy while securing corporate data.

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Web-Based Admin Console

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“We wouldn’t think of running our desktops or our networks without security software so why would we run these mini computing devices without a similar kind of threat protection? Lookout is helping us protect our devices without restricting the user experience or impacting productivity."

– Lori Richards, Director, IT Governance, Risk Management and Compliance, FCCI Insurance Group