Enable Modern Work: Security and Management From Endpoint to Cloud

Your employees use Android, iOS and ChromeOS devices to access productivity apps like Google Workspace so they can be productive outside the office, but this renders your perimeter-based security obsolete.

Integrating Lookout with a scalable platform like Google Cloud is paramount to building a strong modern endpoint protection strategy. Together, Lookout Continuous Conditional Access and Google Cloud protect your Google Workspaces from malicious threats delivered via mobile phishing scams, malicious apps, and device-level exploitations.

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Control access to corporate data and apps

Lookout protects your data from known and unknown threats by continuously assessing the risk profile of mobile devices and delivering it dynamically via the Google BeyondCorp devices API. Quarantine compromised devices in real-time using predefined remediation policies. All whilst respecting employee privacy and trust.

Meet privacy and compliance standards

Gain complete visibility into data access and transfer practices of all mobile apps. Based on risk policies, Lookout flags access or transfer practices that increase risk, violate compliance or unintentionally exfiltrate corporate data. Lookout passes this information onto Google Cloud Identity, which limits access to Google Workspace until the issue is resolved.

Protect at the device level

Lookout silently protecting users in the background until a threat is detected, enabling employees to use their devices as they wish within the bounds of your corporate acceptable use policies.

Gain the benefits of BYOD without the risks.

The continuous risk assessment that Lookout provides protects the user, device and organization from mobile threats no matter whether it’s managed, unmanaged, personal or corporate-owned. It does all this with end-user privacy in mind, which ensures that IT and security teams can provide the necessary protections without invading the personal privacy of their employees.

How Lookout and Google Cloud enable Zero Trust

Securely enable your employees

Learn how Continuous Conditional Access can secure your organization regardless of where your employees choose to work.

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