Securing your customers' mobile app experience

Your mobile app is now your storefront. An easy-to-use app can differentiate your business from competitors, earn new customers and retain current ones. Just like you secure your physical and online stores, you also need to ensure the way your mobile app handles sensitive data is secure.

The Lookout Security Platform is built from the ground up for mobile and the Embedded AppDefense SDK brings that protection to your apps with just a few lines of codes. By leveraging machine intelligence powered by telemetry from hundreds of millions of devices and apps, we can defend against threats even if we have never seen them before.

Know what you’re up against

Without visibility into the threats your customers are facing, it’s impossible to know how to protect against them. Trojanized apps, screen overlays and spyware all pose serious risks to the personally identifiable information (PII) and other sensitive data accessed in your apps.

Lookout Embedded AppDefense provides an app threat report that categorizes threats across your customer base. This enables you to gain insight into risks like jailbroken or rooted devices, malware classification by family and severity, and vulnerable out-of-date operating systems.

Protect your customers and your reputation

Securing your customers’ mobile data from compromise is a top priority. You need to ensure that your app isn’t the topic of the next data breach headline. In addition to protecting your brand’s reputation, you also need to ensure you don’t violate compliance standards like GDPR and PSD2.

Cybercriminals are constantly looking for ways to obtain valuable data for financial gain. By using covert tactics on mobile devices such as screen overlays, they can steal a customer’s login credentials without the victim ever knowing. Lookout protects your customers against these unseen threats by running a health check and ensuring the device isn’t compromised.

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Existing tools are not enough

Traditional in-app security approaches, such as relying on open-source or signature-based tools, can’t keep up with today’s advanced malware. As threat actors constantly evolve their tactics, techniques and procedures, protection against zero-day attacks is critical.

Lookout protects against known and unknown threats, including zero-days. Our machine intelligence in the Lookout Security Graph can automatically protect you and your customers by leveraging our telemetry data from over 125 million apps and 200 million devices.

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Cloud-powered threat detection

Detect zero days with data from 125M+ apps and 200M sensors

App risk posture

Visualize threats and risks across the mobile app user base

Custom remediation

Define and trigger remediation workflows to mitigate data loss

Threat intel API

Feed risk and compliance teams the threat data they need

Compliance and privacy

Align with PSD2, CCPA and GDPR without collecting any PII

Speed to market

Frictionless deployment optimized for user experience

Comprehensive security in one platform

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"Lookout brings an extensive knowledge set and AI to identifying security risks of mobile apps"

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