Endpoint Security Built for a Mobile-first World.

One simple, unified solution for comprehensive data protection across any desktop, laptop, or mobile device. No more plugging gaps with incomplete Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions or point product complexity.

As workers adopt millions of mobile apps both at home and at work, organizations need unprecedented protection against threats hidden inside this fertile digital landscape.

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of customers agree that recent changes to working practices have negatively affected their organizations endpoint security.
of all organizations surveyed suffered a mobile-related security breach in which app threats were a contributing factor.
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Increase in mobile phishing attacks per quarter from 2020 to 2022.
Increase in mobile app threats from 2021 to 2022.

When we’re on the road, many of us connect to Wi-Fi networks that don’t require passwords or use encryption. Cybercriminals create phony Wi-Fi networks to exploit that trend and steal sensitive information.

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More endpoints, more point products, more gaps.

A lack of unified visibility across devices increases risk, especially when using different solutions for each type of endpoint.

Control slowly slips away as complexity increases.

Building a unified security posture and ensuring compliance becomes difficult as the number of devices, connections, and solutions increase.

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As organizations move to cloud native security controls, they’re looking to unify traditional point products with cloud security platforms, which offer a complete stack of integrated services that protect workers, devices, applications and data.

Mobile devices are the linchpin for stronger security, or greater risk.

Today more than half of the devices employees use to access your organization’s data run iOS, Android and Chrome OS. Many organizations overlook these devices, creating gaps in their security.

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Today, digital information moves without boundaries or limits. Get security that moves with it.

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